Jewish Social Media Schmooze

Jewish Social Media Schmooze

On Sunday, August 8, 2010, over 50 people attended the very first Jewish Social Media Schmooze at the JCC of Manhattan co-hosted by and

The Back Story

It all started a little over a year ago when Esti Berkowitz, founder and blogger of and contributor to popular mom blogging networks like,,,, and, attended BlogHer ’09 in Chicago. A natural born schmoozer, Esti connected with brands and bloggers from around the world. This was all spectacular until the Shabbos clock was getting ready to chime. Here she was, a networking machine, soon to be cut off from all communication at the event. This was a very important opportunity for Esti to get her name and niche as the kosher mommy blogger out there. Esti wanted to get her voice heard, as well as the voice kosher consumers everywhere.

Esti tried her best to attend the BlogHer ’09 conference during Shabbos. If you are following her blog (thank you!) or if you are not familiar with Shabbos, it is what makes Esti and her family a family. Shabbos happens each week, and every week from Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown, Esti does not use any phones, cars, internet, vacuums, washing machines, doorbells, or coffee makers. Esti is unplugged from everything and anything for 25 hours straight. How can other Jewish observant bloggers and social media consultants continue to build their networks with non-Observant Jewish bloggers and non-Jewish bloggers?

The Jewish Social Media Schmooze

I decided to create my to create an event around BlogHer this year that would enable both Observant Jews, Non-Observant Jews, and Non-Jews to network together. We are all consumers and we all have our networks, just imagine the possibilities. I put the wheels into motion over one year ago and this past week I saw the fruit of my labor. The Jewish Social Media Event was launched and I was thrilled with the results.

We had incredible group of panelists:

Jessica Abo, NY1 TV News Anchor,

Deborah Grayson Riegel, My Jewish, @myjewishcoach

Chaviva Eliana Galatz, Writer and blogger,, @kvetchingeditor 

Rabbi Motti Seligson, Media Relations,, @mottiseligson 

Dave Weinberg, Executive Director of the Jewish Institute, @weinberg81

Itamar Kestenbaum, Moishe’s Moving Systems Social Media & Manager, @moishesmoving 

Lisa Grunberger, Author, Yiddish Yoga,

I also want to give another amount of thanks to the incredible Beth Rosen (Chicagonista, themidlifewife) who conducted the entire Blog Talk Radio show that was live at the event. Even with less than eight hours of sleep, she was able to handle it all.

I also want to give a special shout out to Hadassa Sabo Milner, a name I had only known from mutual friends on facebook and twitter. She wrote a lovely summary of the event and you can read it on her blog at In The Pink.

We are also so glad that we had a group of very influential Jewish mom bloggers in attendance, including: Beth Blecherman (@TechMama), Doni Zazloff Thomas (@Mama Doni), Rebecca Levy (@beccasara,, Jennifer Wagner (@jenwag57,, Stacy H. Weckstein (@Momrenewal), Jessica Bernstein, (@peekababyny, and Tamar Weinberg (@Tamar) were able to join us as well.

Check out images from the event at:

You can also listen to our live radio broadcast at:

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors:

Bagels & Co.

Tom’s of Maine

Dapple Baby




StoneyField Farms
Duncan Hines

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the next Jewish Social Media Schmooze?

Take your brand to the next level. Engage with Jewish bloggers that range from Reform to Orthodox and reach out to their networks. Find out who is buying the most kosher food products these days and why.

We may not all be on the same page religiously, but when it comes to Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, and Passover, we are all thinking about ways to entertain our families. That includes recipe ideas, party themes, discounts on popular holiday items, and of course, chotkes to go with it all!

Please contact either or Esti at

Duncan Hines

Thank you to our incredible sponsors Duncan Hines, Manischewitz, Tom’s of Maine, Dapple, Crum Creek Mills, PowerAde, Bagels & Co., JDub Records, Snikiddy, Funky Monkey Snacks,, Tabatchnick, Shutterly, Red Mango, and StoneyField Farms.


One thought on “Jewish Social Media Schmooze

  1. Wow! What a great idea! Kol HaKavod to you, and I’m hoping to be able to attend next year’s Schmooze!

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