The Bling Of BlogHer 2010

Last week, I was invited to some incredible parties around the big BlogHer event happening in New York City. I wanted to attend everything, but that just was not possible. In the end, I attended some very exclusive and happening events.

I started out the party circuit last Wednesday at High Tea at the Plaza Hotel. This event was hosted by Dyson and MJ Tam of It was a great way to start out BlogHer and MJ really put a sophisticated and sassy event together.

Thursday was my busiest day. I started out by attending the American Association of Orthodontists Style ‘N Smile event with Jennie Garth. I had met Jennie Garth before, she really is so sweet and somebody I could see having as a friend in real life. Check out some of the photos, and videos from the event at or on Facebook at The event doesn’t end there. There is also a Style ‘N Smile $500 Back-To-School Wardrobe Giveaway. Check out more details and enter the contest at

After Style “ N Style, I headed downtown to an event hosted by Hood. This was not just another event about milk, but an opportunity to try out their latest products and meet spokesperson, Chris Evert. Yes, super tennis champion Chris Evert was right there with us. She is very excited about Simply Smart® Milk: All the taste, without all the fat.™ I like this product because it is Kosher and healthy, just check out these ingredients”
– Fat Free Milk tastes like 2% milk
– 1% Lowfat Milk tastes like whole milk
– More protein and calcium than whole milk
– No artificial growth hormones*
– Chocolate Fat Free Milk contains no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial.

By the way, Chris Evert is absolutely stunning and fit and she is 55 years old. She may not be winning tournaments around the world, but she is helping many organizations win at their challenges. Last year, the 2009 20th Anniversary of the Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic raised an amazing $700,000 dollars. Over $18.4 million dollars of donated funds has been distributed to worthwhile programs all over Florida. With the help of loyal and generous sponsors, participating celebrities, legions of volunteers and a dedicated staff, Chris Evert will continue to raise money to fund programs that ensure a future for at-risk children and their families. Learn more about this program and other organizations Chris is involved with today. After some tasty sips of Simply Smart milk, I was energized and ready to network with other bloggers and and meet the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia editors and bloggers at their private roof deck. This event was incredible and I couldn’t get enough of the ambiance. There were tables and tables of crafts, magazines, books, and food. I only had a beverage, but the presentation of it all was so Martha Stewart. I did not actually see Martha Stewart in the flesh while I was at the event, however, I did hear that she had made an appearance earlier that evening.

After these parties and a very bad choice of shoes for the evening, I had to head back home home. I was in crazy bad pain, but I also missed my family and wanted to kiss my kids good night. On the other hand, I missed everyone’s favorite @nycitymama and her #waxparty at Madame Tussaud’s, I can see that fun was had by all. Soon, I would be out again in the morning and Thank G-d I was one of 25 bloggers selected to receive a pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups.

I almost missed the entire thing due to traffic and getting lost (don’t ask), but at last I did arrive. It was love at first slip-on of the miracle shoe. These shoes felt incredible and within minutes on my now very happy feet, we were lead on a walk by the incredibly fit and energetic Andrea Metcalf. We started at the Skechers store on 47th and Fifth and ended up at the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel. It was hot, but the shoes felt amazing. I was having a great time and I even got interviewed by Lizzie Simon of the Wall Street Journal and you can read the full story here. After I had already broken a sweat, it was time to attend the biggest bling event around BlogHer this year, Getting Gorgeous.

I loved all of the pampering going on, especially when I had my hair (wig) curled by by a professional hair stylist at the Remington booth. They have some powerful hair styling tools that can create chunky long curls or sleek and straight in all types of hair! Celebrity Hair Stylist Sarah Potempa was also at the party! Thank you to the glamorous team of Audrey Mclelland and Vera Sweeny. I had a few more minutes to schmooze with my friends staying at the New York Hilton, but my family and weekly commitment to Shabbos were on my mind. I went on my way and had an incredibly restful and meaningful 25 hours with my family. Ahh, Shabbos.


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