Diaperbuds Gives This Mama’s Diaper Bag More Room And Less Waste

Diaperbud Gives This Mama's Diaper Bag More Room And Less Waste(primetimeparentingcontributor Audrey Matalon)
In New York, real estate is tight. It’s no different in our purses, suitcases, glove compartments or diaper bags! Space is a commodity. In this age of pocket size, travel size, and data storage chips it makes sense that next thing to reduce is diapers.

DiaperBud diapers have been vacuum packed to reduce them to the tiniest size possible.

We ALL know size matters. But quantity without quality is not good enough. In the development of Diaperbuds, much resources were spent designing a diaper that is comprable to Pampers Cruisers. You must test it yourself. Go to the website for a trial offer, 2 buds for $1. Free shipping. www.diaperbuds.com

LeeAnn Piazzola is President of this clever bud biz. She with Jessica Bern www.bernthis.com hosted an event at Serafina Hotel in the Theater District with some well known New York mom bloggers. It was in this intimate dinner setting that we were handed the buds in their individually packed and sealed vacuum pack. I love sanitary packaging. Even if that diaper is swimming around the bottom of my purse, it will remain pristine…up till the moment it will meet it’s doodie destiny. DiaperBud Meets New York Mom Bloggers

I told my husband about it. He said it’s a great idea. I asked him why he thought so. He said, speaking for ALL men (as my husband is licensed to do), men like to stick to the bare essentials. He says, when he’s out with our 8 week old, throw a diaperbud or two into a waist pouch and “the men” are good to go.

Lastly, these convenient, palm size diaperbuds are aiming to be available in airports, rest stops, travel venues, hotels, vending machines and places where anyone with mommy-brain (like me) might desperately realize “I need a Bud”.

Primetimeparenting did not receive payment for this product review. Primetimeparenting did receive samples of the product and attended a focus group about the product in or oder to write this review.


2 thoughts on “Diaperbuds Gives This Mama’s Diaper Bag More Room And Less Waste

  1. I agree!! I have used Diaper Buds a few times and have them in my car/husbands car/purse for those emergencies and I don’t have a diaper bag with me (my son is 2 now, and we don’t really NEED a diaperbag anymore). This is a great idea… I only wish I had thought of it first! haha

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