Our Picks From The Time To Play Showcase 2010

Time To PlayThinking’s back in style and in the, once ‘rare’, futuristic forms…

(contributed by Audrey M.)

My Avatar-loving husband totes the future of anything 3-D.  In the center of this year’s Time To Play 2010 Holiday Showcase floats a 3-D bubble housing a replica of PERPLEXUS, which I can best describe as a 3-dimensional labyrith. The maze looks something like the MC Escher lithograph ( Relativity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Escher%27s_Relativity.jpg), challenging it’s player to follow a LeapFrog suspended path with a metal marble no bigger than a pinkie nail. It forces directional shifts on multi-dimensional planes. It definitely keeps the mind busy, developing thinking and perspective.
(Lists for $24.99 but you can find it online for less. Bargain at any price!)

When my tech-y husband is not talking about 3-D he’s telling me books are dead! He says the future is electronic readers. I love books and anything tactile so this news really upsets me. How will I read to my son in bed, have him feel the weight of a book, texture of fine paper and hear the silence between turning pages? But my husband has no sympathy for this physical experience that’s so valuable to me. He strictly believes in the advantages technology offers a child.

LeapFrog’s Tag technology is going to save my marriage. The Tag “pen” is media storage applied to books. When the pen touches the page in designated areas, it pronounces the word or reads the page. It’s the perfect blend of the technology my husband insists on and the experience I want our child to have. You must check out the double-sided maps of the The United States and the World Map that also use the Tag technology.

And while on the subject of toys that will create marital bliss, I’m waiting to see the latest from VTech who produce Electronic Learning Products such as the V-reader and MobiGo, interactive reading systems. I’ll let you know about that as soon as I get my hands on one.

My idea of brilliant technology is something like Hid-eand-Seek JoJo from the JoJo and Friends line. Your child will not be able to hide from this “smart” (Hide-and-Seek) JoJo, who plays the traditionally favorite game of peek-a-boo. The hider holds a carrot, which is really a transmitter!

It’s meant for preschoolers even though I plan on introducing my baby to the floppy eared JoJo who can stimulate my 3-month old’s curiosity by folding his ears over eyes, traveling the room and counting out loud. http://www.jojoandfriends.com/usahome.html
$40 and cute, cute, cute.


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