Primetimeparenting’s Search For Healthy Kosher Foods At Kosherfest

I remember when I would hear the word “kosher” and images of chicken in shmaltz (fat) would haunt my little mind. My mom actually recalls the time I ran out of a kosher deli in LA because I was so spooked by being in an entirely kosher eating establishment. I am proud to say that those images are long gone and I have been keeping strictly kosher for the past 11 years. How did I go from running away from kosher food to embracing it with every limb possible? It is a good story, but you can read that more on my blog. For now, I just want to express how excited I am about attending Kosherfest 2010 today. Is it that exciting to be in a room of kosher foods and beverages? For this mama, ABSOLUTELY!

First, you should know that as a full-time, stay-at-home “kosher” mommy, going out anywhere without my children in tow is no easy task. I want to give a huge shout out to all of the great friends that have offered to help watch my son, and bring my daughters home from school so I can attend. Thanks! I can’t wait to share my favorite kosher items that will soon be available to kosher consumers everywhere. If you can’t get them at your local supermarket, go online and you’ll see just how easy it is to get these items. So, what is new this year in kosher food?

Some of the newest items have already been identified in the Kosherfest 2010 New Product Competition and will be announced at Kosherfest on Tuesday, October 26. I love how Menachem Lubinsky of and founder of Kosherfest described the winners of this year’s competition in the most recent issue of KosherToday, “Today, there is a competitive spirit amongst manufacturers to produce some of the products that are quality items and happen to be kosher. The real winner is the kosher consumer looking to experience the tastes and flavors that he could only dream about just a decade ago”. I will be viewing those winners at Kosherfest and will be sharing them here on In addition to kosher products that everyone thought couldn’t, Passover food items are everywhere at Kosherfest.

I know, we haven’t even hit Chanukah and the latka recipes are still filed away, but Passover is huge. According to KosherToday, “40% of kosher food sales takes place around Passover. It is the most widely observed holiday on the Jewish calendar”. In recent years, Passover has become more of a Gluten-Free festival and the results have been quite delicious. Items like Passover friendly bread crumbs, croutons, pizza, and bagels have made eight days of no wheat a treat! I can’t wait to see what’s new in Passover holiday food from Manischewitz this year.

What kosher food items would you like to see on your supermarket shelves this coming Passover? Personally, I would love a parve, chai latte that does not taste like chemicals. Anybody else?


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