The In-Laws Are Coming!The In-Laws Are Coming!

Scrubbing Bubbles And Classymommy

(by primetimeparenting contributor, Audrey M.)

Scrubbing Bubbles interviewed 1,500 women of different age groups to study how we feel about the cleanliness of our homes. Scrubbing Bubbles The results show the #1 reason women deep clean is because the In-laws are coming! It’s one thing tidying up for a drive-by friend but is it clean enough for mom’s surprise visit?

Colleen Padilla, known for her parenting blog,, hosted the Scrubbing Bubbles “Dirty Work” event in Rockefeller center cafe for some of New York’s social media moms to reveal the results of the Scrubbing Bubbles study like…
Women are more likely to clean if they’re having a party.

And even though our family fully assist in making the mess, they barely assist in the cleaning of it. Donna Erickson brought us a remedy. As Exec Producer, host of Donna’s Day, and author of Fabulous Funstuff for Families, she planted the idea that we should make cleaning a family bonding time experience. Family + cleaning = close relationships???
Sounds good to me.


2 thoughts on “The In-Laws Are Coming!The In-Laws Are Coming!

  1. Uggggg I hate cleaning the bathroom. I always put it off until the last possible moment and that is always when someone will be in my home. So funny to read this blog… It is so true that company is what ultimately motivates me to clean. How nasty for my family, huh? Another incentive to keep inviting shabbat guests or else the toilet will never get cared for LOL

  2. Family+cleaning= close relationships? NO WAY. Family+cleaning= “but I did it last time… That’s not my job… yes, I did do it well enough.” In three years of guinea pig ownership, my daughter (12) has exactly once cleaned the cage without being asked. My family is SO lucky that we have a cleaning lady – especially ME. My husband and I got a cleaning lady before we had kids because we were spending as much time arguing about cleaning as cleaning. So, spend the money on a housekeeper or therapy? The housekeeper has been a great investment.

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