A Social Media Schmooze With Metroimma

metroimmashmoozeOn Monday night, Metroimma.com and Primetimeparenting.com (that’s me) co-hosted another successful Jewish Social Media Shmooze in NYC. Jewish bloggers and entrepreneurs participated in an online and offline discussion about social media. Don’t Jewish people always shmooze? Why is this night different than any other night?

Last night was different, but in a good way. We had a spectacular panel of influential Jewish social media mavens in our presence: Ken Krimstein, author and cartoonist, Kvetch As Kvetch Can, Hadassah Sabo Milner, blogger, In the Pink, Chaviva Galatz, blogger, Kvetching Editor, and Jodi Samuels, co-founder MetroImma. Stephanie Grayson-Zane kept us all on track as the moderator of a very engaging conversation about social media. Each of our panelists represent their own voice. We thought it would be most interesting and informative (and it was) to have them share how they engage in social media to share their voice with their followers and fans.

Here are some of the highlights from the panel, but you can replay the conversation by doing a search on twitter using #metroimmashmooze.

Question-Can you make money from blogging?

@kvetchingeditor I don’t make a lot of $ but make a lot of stuff. @kvetchingeditor #metroimmashmooze

Question-Name 1 great thing about social media networking and then1 challenging thing about social media networking.

“Don’t twitter when you’re bitter” from @critiques4geeks #metroimmashmooze

“be positive, but be honest when it’s warranted” @critiques4geeks #metroimmashmooze

People have to follow you for other reasons, then will buy what you’re selling. Don’t just push product. #metroimmashmooze

Question: What does your BRAND/product stand to gain via social networking, and what does your AUDIENCE get out of it?

@mottel My greatest benefit in social media is the branding I’ve done w/@lubavitch. It gives a human face & gains mind share #metroimmashmooze

Question-How has it changed how you manage your time in business/life/work-life balance?

@kvetchingeditor Social media is a massive nudge. #metroimmashmooze #socialmediaschmooze

‘Twitter is like a party that everyone’s in and that never ends!’ @kenkrim #metroimmashmooze

@hsabomilner “If Twitter would go down -G-d forbid …” #metroimmashmooze

Thank you to all of our panelists, moderator, and especially the sponsors that made this event possible: Sponsors include Lisa Brandes from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Jdeal, Shutterfly, diaperbuds.com, Oh Nuts!, Manischewitz, Kosher.com, Kosher Inspired Magazine, Bagels & Co., Shmirawear, Merkin Concert Hall: Poppy Seed Players and more!

Follow @metroimma and @primetimeparent to learn about how you can bring the #metrroimmashmooze to your neck of the woods. .


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