Turkey Talk With @Koshereye and Chef Laura Frankel

This has been a very busy week for me. I am not complaining, just happy that I was able to do what I love to do most. Monday night I co-hosted a social media event with metroimma.com and today I attended a sneak peak of new episodes of Shalom Sesame .Last night I had the pleasure of hosting “Turkey Talk” on Blog Talk Radio with Lois and Roberta of Koshereye.com. I am kvelling and so excited about  their recent listing in the New York Times. In just one year, Koshereye.com has become the “go to” source for kosher food conversations.

Last night, we were joined by Chef Laura Frankel for the first fifteen minutes of the show. She had some very valuable and delicious Thanksgiving meal suggestions. She shared so much with us about cooking a Turkey, accompanying sides, and delectable desserts. After Laura inspired our palets, Lois and Roberta shared their Thanksgiving traditions,amazing desserts, and even strategies to help minimize mess in your kitchen. I learned something that I did not know about and I am sure that you will find this valuable as well. Reynolds has some fantastic Thanksgiving preparation resources available on their website. I am definitely going to use their Thanksgiving Holiday Solution Center as a guide this year. That is why I love koshereye.com, I am always learning something new form them. Another note about the show, you may want to have something to eat while you listen because the Turkey Talk will make you very hungry!!!

Thanks again to Chef Laura Frankel and the incredible team of Lois and Roberta from Koshereye.com. You can hear this show in its entirety on Blog Talk Radio.

Thanksgiving is just a week away from Hanukah. You never know, we just might be making turkey latkas with our leftovers this year!


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