Great Green Gift Giving This Chanukah And Beyond

(contirbuted by Audrey Matalon)
My husband always says business is A-moral. This depresses me. But more depressing is witnessing the greed that drives corporate America. We’re witnessing the moral bottom line hitting new lows; think Enron, Madoff, the housing market collapse. WHO says it’s ok to take advantage of people, countries, the earth??? WHO says it’s NOT ok?

Dapple. The Eco Store. HappyBaby. Nature Babycare. Healthy Child Healthy World …and Duane Reade

Duane Reade is seemingly not doing (corporate-American) business as usual. November 10th Duane Reade (57th St & 3rd) housed Healthy Child Healthy World event, hosted by NYC’s Big City Moms, showcasing thoughtful, natural products from the companies taking a stand for quality and integrity.

Does this mean Duane Reade is pro-consumer, conscious and eco-friendly? Is Duane Reade really “forward thinking” or finding new niche for old bottom line?
Which begs the question. While business is about a beautiful bottom-line, do we have to be asses to get it?
What’s the relationship between high profits and doing the right thing?

I just learned about Eco Store (“No Nasty Chemicals”) for the creamiest hand cream. Well really it’s moisturizer for BABY’s sensitive, yummy skin, but I need it more than him! Great price point.
HappyBaby food is organic and affordable. My baby’s not eating food yet so I’ll have to get back to you in 3+ months. But it looks good; DHA, pre & probiotics, supergrains Salba and Quinoa!

Nature Babycare is my new favorite diaper. I was feeling very guilty about not using cloth diapers. Now I’m a 1 week convert to Nature Babycare’s awesome biodegradable diapers. So far no leaks, no rashes, no clogging up landfills. I’m satisfied.

I have to mention Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization that’s taking the mask off bad business practices by getting information out. Their entire commitment is to educating the public about our environment, chemicals and how it effects nature, especially the children. In talking to them they pointed out a couple of great facts. One is that children can tolerate allot less of certain chemicals than adults can due to their size. Another, our environment is more polluted than ever.
Visiting their site is an education and quite frieghtening.
I hope it’s true…Knowledge is Power.
Such a worthwhile event. Thanks to Duane Reade.

 At Duane Reade/Big City Mom’s “Healthy Child Healthy World” event a beautiful bottom line = businesses making it their business to do the right thing.
Nowadays doing the right thing means going Green. And there are brands that are not compromising. What’s so awesome is their confidence that doing the right thing and profiting can join hands.
Dapple has been my favorite dish soap since before my baby was born. Co-owners, Tamar & Dana, showed up to get the word out about their green policy. Read about their commitment to healthy environments for children and the world on I know if Dapple puts a product on the market (dish soap, dishwasher detergent, toy cleaner, toy wipes) I don’t need to read the ingredients. Completely trustworthy.


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