Hanukkah Music Brings On A Festive Beat This Year

I am having so much fun with my kids this Hanukkah. Sure, we eat a lot of latkas, donuts filled with jelly (sufganiot), and open a few presents. This year we have had the best time watching some Hanukkah videos and I wanted to share them with you before the end of the eight nights.

Mama Doni has an entire CD devoted to the festival of lights, “Chanukah Fever”. One of our favorite music videos from this CD is”Chanukah Fever”. You will be up on your feet and shaking your hips to a festive beat. Mama Doni and her band are incredibly talented and you can catch them live on December 8, Soho Center for Jewish Life – My Little School NYC – (100 Reade Street, Manhattan, NY) at 5:00pm.

The Maccabeats have also been on our replay list a lot (my kids just can’t watch it once). Never heard of them? I had not heard of them until I started to see my friends share their music video “Candlelight,” on facebook and twitter. I was very familiar with Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite,” but the parody of this song has me kvelling and telling the story of Chanukah with a song. What could be more fun?


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