The Kids Response To Chanukah Gifts This Year

Now that the menorahs have been put away and all of the excessive latke eating has ceased, the Chanukah gifts are still shiny and new. I thought that I should write a post about what my kids loved about what they found underneath the wrapping paper this year.

Mega Bloks 3-in-1 Fire Truck Ride-On 

This was a huge hit with all three of my children. Yes, even the girls thought it was so much fun. What made it even more exciting is that my 5 year old had just learned all about fire safety in school that week. This is standard in Jewish schools, as the Chanukah menorah can be a fire hazard and we all have to be careful with so many flames going at once. Even though this toy was intended for my almost 3 year old son, everybody had a great time riding around the house on it (two kids can actually fit on it). They loved the siren and pretended to be heading to the fire and put it out. This toy also comes with a handy open-top bed and a surprisingly deep bucket that can be tipped easily to either dump its contents, which my son loves to do! The toy retails at $39.99.

Pop On Pals

I had never heard of Pop On Pals until I was approached by them to review their product. What better time to review a product, especially in the height of the gift giving season. Pop On Pals had my kids engaged in imaginative play from the minute their hands got a hold of the Pop On Pals Amusement Park Playset. In the world of Pop On Pals, my kids could transform pals into anything they wanted them to be. This was easy for them and by pressing down on the pal, the pop-on mix ‘n match rings created endless and unique combinations. This toy came to life with lights, sounds, music, and much more. My kids loved “popping” in the pals to ride on the big ferris wheel. My kids would continuously press down the pals and get a kick out of the “pop” sound that they make. The retail value of this toy is $34.99.

Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine

Dora is always a welcome figure on our Netflix account and when I was offered a sample of the Nickelodeon Dora The Explorer And Friends Magazine, I knew it would go over well with the kids. That is why I saved it for a Chanukah gift. This may be a magazine, but it has the longevity of a hard cover book. The best part is that kids can read stories, color, practice their reading, use puzzles, and win prizes all in one place. I love that it focuses on important early-stage skills in reading, writing, numeracy, problem-solving, creative thinking and awareness of the world around them. This is also a great way for them to build confidence in their knowledge and make learning as much fun as possible.

My 4 year old daughter especially loved the 70 stickers included in the magazine. We’ve all found them on the back of our shirts and the front of her dresses. She even took her magazine to school with her and brought it back home. That is a very good sign, since we can’t even keep a pair of gloves together so far this winter. The retail value of this magazine is $4.99. I hope your child gets as much use out of this magazine as mine have.

Strawberry Shortcake Gets A New Friend

It is so interesting how my dark haired children just love red haired dolls. When my oldest daughter received her first Strawberry Shortcake doll, she immediately made her a first cousin to Ariel, also known as The Little Mermaid. When I had the chance to receive another Strawberry Shortcake doll, Lemon Meringue, I knew that she would be very welcome to the existing family. My girls just love the smell of these dolls and are constantly talking about how sweet it is. Another thing they love about these dolls is their long, smooth hair. The love to put it in a rubber band, or brush it out straight. It is so much fun for me to hear them converse during imaginative play. I really love that they all take on the mommy role and take great care of these dolls as if they were real. Please note that if you have children 3 and under in the house, the little pieces that come with these dolls are a choking hazard.

Disclosure. I did receive a lot of toys for review and I only like to post about the toys that really made my kids happy.


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