Thawing Out At Funtopia In Queens

Today marks the second official day of my children being out of school. If you didn’t know, they are out of school for midwinter break (this entire week). Since I send my children are in the Yeshiva school system, the midwinter break is not in conjunction with the public school system in New York. This is hard when trying to plan visits to our cousins in the public school system (sigh).

So, we are on our own and being creative and frugal is a necessity. Today’s frigid weather conditions and the fact that museums are closed Monday had me in a moment of distress. I was thrilled when my phenomemama friend and mother of 3 boys called me at 730 am to suggest something. That something, an indoor play area in Queens called Funtopia USA.  

We have been here before and the kids have loved it. has a 3 level play ara, toddler area, arcade games, bowling, and much more! We can you find this place?It is inside the Metro Mall, located at 66-26 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379. The parking is free! The entrance can be tricky, so remember to take a left off of Metropolitan Avenue and drive all the way towards the back, this is where the entrance to the mall is and the free parking. The mall is not pretty inside, especially if you have just visited Rosevelt Fields, but you are not here for that. Just take the elevator to the 2nd floor, or the escalator (my kids find this a ride in itself) and you will see signs for The last time we went, it was $6.50 per kid, Monday-Friday. On weekends and holidays the rate goes up to $8.50. The good news, you can go back within one month and use that to get in FREE. Some other things to know about before you take your kids to

Thawing Out At Funtopia In QueensFood-If you have special dietary needs, or keep kosher like we do, they do not allow outside food in the place. It is a good idea to feed the kids first and keep a stash of drinks and snacks in your bag.

Supervision-This place is pretty big and your kids may want to run. If you are there with more than one kid, you may have them running in three different directions. It is good to go with a friend and keep an eye out for escape artists (this has happened to me before).

Bathrooms-There are bathrooms in They are clean and I have not experienced long lines. As always, bring wipes and an extra change of clothes. There was a child that had an accident (numero 1) in the play area, but the cleaning crew was right on it and closed off the 3 level play area until the accident was cleared.

Have you been to If not, maybe we’ll see you there today!!!


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