Is Your Heart Healthy?

I’m not referring to how happy you are, nor to your relationship status. Though it’s been reported that everyday happiness and having a good relationship can effect how healthy your myocardium is.

I’m asking about your myocardium, your heart. Heart attack and strokes are the number 1 killer of women in the US. February is American Heart Health Month. There are great programs, mostly free, that are worth getting yourself to.

Friday Feb 4 is American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women National Red Day in Style Campaine. Get out your red clothes and wear them with pride on Friday.

February 18 is the luncheon in NYC. Check this link for your local luncheon.

February 9, 10-3pm NYU Medical Center’s Heart Health Fair, 550 1st Avenue, NYC

Then there’s our Twitter Party #PrimeTimeRadiance on Heart Health. Learn the signs to look for (men’s signs vs women’s signs) and your risk.

RSVP Question: On a scale of 1-10, How much influence do emotions and difficult life circumstances have on heart health. (1 having the least influence, 10 having the most) Leave your answer on

In order to win: the book, “Women Are Not Small Men”, by Nieca Goldberg

 or personalized stationary from during the #PrimeTimeRADIANCE twitter party, you must leave a comment below. Please remember to include: twitter name, and blog url if you have one.

INCREASE your chances of winning and leave additional comments below with your twitter name.

  1. Send this tweet PLS RT Join @primetimeparent @givememilk #primetimeRADIANCE Heart Health Twter prty Sun Feb. 6, 930pET RSVP
  2. Check out and leave a comment at about what personalizable stationery you would love to have.
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We look forward to tweeting with you on Sunday night!! @primetimeparent & @GiveMeMilk


27 thoughts on “Is Your Heart Healthy?

  1. I’ll be there! @MamaSarahJane

  2. I love the blue plume notepad stationary from!

  3. @Martiferg

    Following everyone! ALso I have to say that I LOVE shutterfly! I love the stationary and photo books from there.

  4. Our family is a big supporter of heart health due to the fact heart disease run in our family.
    Answer to RSVP Question- 10 I think emotions and stress play a big part in heart health.
    I am looking forward to the Twitter Party today.

  5. Love the blue plume stationary. Following everybody and also liked “Shutterfly”.


  6. RSVP – @morriska372 I think emotional health rates a 6 interms of influence on heart disease. Looking forward to the party!

  7. I checked out Shutterfly and I would like the Flourish Collage stationary! @morriska372

  8. I liked Shutterfly on Facebook as Kristin Hale Morris @morriska372

  9. I like on shutterfly the Flourish Collage stationary @marcysmom

  10. Following @primetimeparent, @givememilk, and @shutterfly on twitter as @marcysmom

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