Grab And Squeeze Healthy Snacks For Your Kids

Each year that I am a mom (my oldest will be 6 next week) the more I learn about how the products I feed my children affect them both mentally and physically. In fact, a new study by Researchers in Britain suggest “if a 3-year-old eats too much processed food, it might lower his or her IQ by the age of 8”. This is not an isolated issue and there are other factors that contribute to the development of our children’s IQ (read this article online at When I was asked to review Nature’s Child Nickelodeon Dora Applesauce and Nature’s Child Nickelodeon SpongeBob Berry Squeezers by Nature’s Child Nickelodeon, I gladly accepted.

First of all, Nature’s Child is very careful about what they put in their products. This is a major deal breaker for the food that we feed our children. The ingredients in these products are a vision for the overly fructose infused products marketed to our children. Nature’s Child Nickelodeon Dora Applesauce and Nature’s Child Nickelodeon SpongeBob Berry Squeezers have no secrets and are made of 100% Fruit, no added sugar, all natural, and no artificial ingredients. I love that they are high in vitamin C, certified kosher by the OU, and Gluten Free.

The apples in these squeezers are picked ripe from the orchard and then crushed and blended into a delicious applesauce. The applesauce is then placed into fun squeezable pouches. My kids just loved that Dora and SpongeBob fit into the palms of their little hands. I must admit, they do not watch SpongeBob, but they see enough of him around to know that he is part of the Nickelodeon cartoon family.

Another thing that I love about this product is that no spoons are required. I can’t tell you how many mornings I have spent looking frantically for one last disposable spoon for my daughter’s lunch. This is actually a problem in our home since we don’t like to use plastic unless we have no clean eating utensils available (or we are chometz-free for Passover). Squeezers are a frantic mother’s dream. All we had to do was remove the plastic cap, squeeze, and sip. I tried it out and I was impressed with the fresh flavor and taste. My kids also went for seconds and thirds. I am happy that this each pouch contains1 fruit serving and is certified by fruit & veggies more matters.

Since we loved this products so much, I am thinking of ordering it in mass quantities from


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