Tasting And Tweeting Do Mix At The 5th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience

February 22nd had been on my radar screen as soon as I found out that the 5th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience (KFWE) would be on that evening. Last year, I had attended my first KFWE. It was a feast for the eyes and palette. It was the best way for a kosher food mom to get out and discover new wines, kosher restaurants, and caterers in the New York area.

Once again, I pulled myself together and joined my new food contributor, Leah G. and we were eager to get to Chelsea Piers. For media people in the kosher food and wine industry, more than enough connections were made. Tweeting, texting, vlogging, and photographing while holding wine and plates of food was a balancing act I am still trying to achieve. While my hands are now free of all of those tasks, my memory and taste buds are still full of some of my favorite finds from KFWE!!

You had me at Shalom. Yes, Shalom Bombay was one of the restaurants on my hit list. I tried the Chicken Tikka Marsala and Chicken Biryani. Pure delight. Every bite filled my mouth with the traditional Indian spices that I love. If you are in Teaneck, NJ, this is a kosher restaurant that you will want to bring all of your friends. Shalom Bombay is the first glatt kosher meat Indian restaurant in the US. I can’t wait to go back and try Chicken Pakoras and Mint and Tamarind Chutney. Keep up with Shalom Bombay on twitter @shalomBombay or LIKE Shalom Bombay on facebook.

Lakewood has great Sushi, who knew? As I was working my way towards the wine pouring, I was distracted by a Spicy Tuna Roll. Fresh and just the spice factor that I require, I was in love at first bite. The RESERVE Sushi Steakhouse in Lakewood, (yes, Lakewood) New Jersey will be a definite stop when in Central New Jersey.

Glatt hits the spot. By now you’ve figured out that my favorite food is sushi. I was so glad that I found Avi Glatt Kosher Supermarket. I have been following @AviGlatt on twitter for some time now. I tried the sushi and Ceviche, just perfect. They even had Sesame Salad, I could eat that for hours and hours. Avi Glatt Kosher Supermarket, located on 807 Ave U in Brooklyn, NY, has a wide array of kosher gourmet products and prepared foods. They have a large online store and is a great resource for not-so-easy to locate kosher food items. You can also keep up with AviGlatt.com and LIKE them on facebook as well.

Nosh that hits the spot. Back again and easy to find (they were in the same spot last year) was My Brother Bobby’s Salsa. Not only are the owners married, they are personable and appreciative of their customers. Last year I just couldn’t get enough of their all natural, local and fresh salsas and bruschetta. The salsas come in these enticing flavors: Original Red Salsa, Tropical Black Bean Salsa, and Hot Tomatillo with Corn Salsa (I am salivating as I write this). Scoop up these tasty salsas with a tortilla chip and you’ve got a feast on your hands (and in your mouth). Moving right along, the Tomato & Basil Bruschetta was lovely. I usually throw it on top of a bed of lettuce. Also a delight on top of a bagel chip. Learn more about this family owned, family run business and LIKE My Brother Bobby’s Salsa on facebook.

Quenching my thirst. Being that I run on coffee, and coffee makes me run faster, I just had to have an Espresso from NOIDUE (website is currently under construction). This “start me up” beverage was the perfect way to start out the evening. They also had some delicious assorted pastries. I tried a chocolate biscotti, dipped in chocolate. A pure pleasure. Their staff is very friendly and I would highly recommend that you treat yourself to brunch, or meet up with a friend at this intimate cafe. Located at 143 West 69th Street, New York, NY 10023, on the Upper West Side. They serve traditional Italian fare in an intimate setting.

Going to the next level, Walders Cream Liqueur vodka & Vanilla. My other food contributor raved about this product at Kosherfest 2010. They had me too, and their special drink with cranberry, mint, and orange juice was out of this world. This was a real treat, and the flavors were just what this mama needed after a busy afternoon of carpools and juice spills at home. I also love this creamy liqueur is completely dairy-free. Over ice, Walders Cream Liqueur Vodka & Vanilla is smooth and filling.

Th pouring section. After I visited my friends Hadassa and Tamar, and celebrity chef, Jamie Geller at their booth, I made my way to the wine tasting. First I had to take in the wide variety of people all in one room. Orthodox Jews, Reform Jews, and non-Jews. It was a scene, and a good one at that. We all could agree by the more than 30 wines from around the world. I focused in on a few that I had heard about, but never tasted. The results. I was even more educated about kosher wines, and now more sure of what I would buy for our next Shabbat meal. It was an opportunity for me to taste new wines for Passover that I would otherwise never have had the time to do.

Capcanes. What a lovely taste, the Flor del Flor – 2007 (New). I am so happy that in 1995 the Jewish community of Barcelona requested that Capcanes produce kosher wine. The result, some of the most delightful wines I have ever tasted. This was by far the longest line at KFWE this year, and now that I tasted the wine, I will forever be a fan as well.

Convenant. I really enjoyed the Lavan, Chardonnay – 2009. The wines of Covenant come from grapes grown in two single Napa valley vineyards. The results are wonderful.

Yatir. I just loved the Cabernet Sauvignon – 2006. I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon – 2006. This brand was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between local grape growers and Carmel. This winery is located in a not so obvious location in Israel. The Negev desert. The results have made the desert bloom. That is a beautiful thought, and site.

This is just part one of my fave finds at KFWE. Primetimeparenting.com food contributor, Leah G., has a review that you will not want to read on an empty stomach, but defintely within walking distance of some of her top picks.

5 thoughts on “Tasting And Tweeting Do Mix At The 5th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience

  1. Great to see you last night!

    I wholeheartedly agree that the Walders drinks were fantastic. And sushi is always a personal fave. Too bad we missed the ceviche. 😦 We make it at home sometimes; would have loved to have tasted it.

    Another favorite of mine (and @kvetchingeditor) was the Basil mousse dessert– your photo. 😉

    Shalom Bombay still makes me nervous after their record-breaking 98 health violations… but I do love Indian and Dakshin II was there with a lovely mushroom dish.

    And yes – the wine – we made a toast with a very pleasant champagne from Elvi… L’Chaim to next year’s KFWE. 🙂

  2. Great post Esti. Thanks. There was a glatt kosher Indian place years ago on queens blvd but closed down even though the food was great! so Shalom Bombay is not the first but will definitely give it a try if in NJ.

  3. Sounded like a fun night – maybe I’ll check it out next year.

    BTW there used to be a NYC glatt indian fleishig place in little india (corner of Lexington & 27th or 28th). Forgot what it was called – but it was wonderful but short lived. Poorly advertised. So Shalom Bombay’s not the first. We went & weren’t really impressed with it (and we’re HUGE Indian food fans) & found it pricey, but to each their own!

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