App Rx: YellowBrck

Feeling tired? Uninspired? Locked in doors for days?

Nanny fired. Kids are wired, fingerpainting with mayonnaise.

Don’t know what activities to do with your kids, again?

We have the prescription for your needs. YellowBrck is your app Rx. It’syour personalized round-the-clock, rounded-out version of 411.
It’s the entire Who? What? When? Where? Package for free!

“Who” is it for, you ask?
YellowBrck says it’s for your children. But I believe it’s really for the parents who also want to play with other parents-on-the-go.

“What?!” You scream, “What about the kids?” YellowBrck keeps each user informed about their friends’ whereabouts. But these are their YellowBrck friends, the friends’ who have kids.

And YellowBrck let’s everyone know “Where” the greatest local fun spots, hot spots and deals are.

“When” can I use YellowBrck? YellowBrck’s not a 9-5’er. Like we said before, YellowBrck is your round-the-clock 411. As long as your app is on so is YellowBrck.

I loved meeting new friends, seeing old friends and …shopping.
That was before I became a mom and got super busy, too busy for chance meetings, maintaining friendships …and for indulging my addiction for shopping deals. YellowBrck finds me! And like a great pal sends me deals that are walking distance from where I am.

Parents like us are so busy…only Rx is a great app.

Party Info:
During the party 2 attendees will win $50 gift certificates to

RSVP For YellowBrck Twitter Party
Monday, May 9, 2011, 9:30pm EST by sending this TWEET:

PLS RT Join @primetimeparent @givememilk 4 #primetimeRADIANCE YellowBrck Twitter party MonMay9, 9:30pmET. RSVP 

Then type:
“YellowBrck is the best Rx” in the comment box below. Don’t forget to be @ party to WIN. 

For extra entries to win the prizes:

  1. Check out Leave a comment at about how you would use this new location-based social network mobile application for parents.
  2. On Facebook “Like” YellowBrck Leave a comment at
  3. Download the YellowBrck app for free on Itunes at Leave a comment at
  4. Watch the YouTube demonstration on how YellowBrck works at Leave a comment at
  5. Join and sign-up for the free application Leave a comment at (*Android & * BlackBerry Coming Very Very Very Soon…)
  6. On Twitter “follow” @YellowBrck @PrimeTimeRadian @primetimeparent @GiveMeMilk Leave a comment at 

We look forward to partying with you online Monday night, 9:30pm EST. It will be a great hour of learning, sharing and winning. @primetimeparent & @GiveMeMilk and


40 thoughts on “App Rx: YellowBrck

  1. “YellowBrck is the best Rx”
    Rsvp for party
    I will go to their website

  2. I would use the Yellow Brick application for the deals with stores. I guess I would also use it to meet friends but often I’m running around too much. But it wouldbe good to know where the good deals are.

  3. I’m following yellow, milk, and primetimeparent
    and I’m sending out the tweet
    please give me 2 chances.

  4. YellowBrck is the best Rx.
    I’m folloing on Twitter.
    and from their website, the function I will use is the shopping deals.

  5. I’m following you guys.
    yellow brck
    give me ilk
    prime time parenting

  6. I would totally use this app to find out where moms with kids my ages are hanging out. I would also love to find coupons to the nearest places to eat. I hope this app goes nationwide, or maybe it already is?

  7. I am following @yellowbrck, @primetimeradian, @givememilk, @primetimeparent

  8. I would love to know where to go on rainy days, and where not to go on rainy days. Crowds are not our speciality.

  9. following @primetimeparent, @primetimeradian, @givememilk, and @yellowbrck on twitter

  10. love totsy, just sayin’. Great that this app. can find local deals…great when meeting friends for lunch, friends with babies in tow. Kid friendly places are how we roll these days.

  11. i would use this app to find all the great deals i could find! @tiffany053p

  12. I checked out the app but I will actually not be able to use it until it is offered for a Windows phone 😦


  13. I liked YellowBrck on Facebook as Kristin Hale Morris @morriska372

  14. I downloaded the app because I do have an iTunes account but unfortunately a Windows phone 😦

  15. I signed up for the free app at Yellowbrck dot com @morriska372

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