From Flowers To Browsers, Mother Knows What Is Best For Her

With so many brands tweeting, blogging and sharing about what to get mom for Mother’s Day (yes, it is this Sunday. so bust a move). With a tighter hold on expenses, shopping for gifts can be challenging, and frustrating. That is why I wanted to include a list of discount websites that I read about from Barry Boone, CEO of 2 discount websites. He wanted to share his list of best deals on gifts for the Mom(s) in your life. For more deals and Mother’s Day promo codes, you can check out, one of Barry’s sites.

Lord & Taylor- Save 20% off Regular & Sale items with code MOM (expires 5/2/2011)

Harry & David- Save 20% off all Mother’s day gifts of $50 or more with code MDAY11 (expires 5/9/2011) Free shipping & free gift box on all orders over $75 with code FSMOM75 (expires 5/8/2011) Free $50 gift card with B & B gift card purchase of $300 or more with code BBMOM50 (expires 5/9/2011) Save 15% off & free delivery for Mother’s Day with code MDAY15 (expires 5/8/2011)

1-800-Baskets- Save 20% on Mother’s Day purchases with code 18BMDAY20 (expires 5/08/2011)

One of my personal favorites is They have some specials going on now for Mother’s Day that you will love.

I also just found out about ordering sustainable flowers from

Organic Bouquet is the largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic floral gifts. All of our flowers are grown in a manner that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides outstanding resources for farm workers and artisans. Organic Bouquet partners with select flower farms in California, Ecuador and Columbia. All of our flower farms follow stringent growing practices which are monitored by multiple certification agencies and associations. When you purchase flowers from Organic Bouquet, you are helping to improve the life of a flower farm worker, their family and the local floral community. They also have gift baskets, also with the eco-friendly recipient at heart.

Let’s Get Technical

Now, for something completely different. Yes, mom is more technically savvy than ever. My mother-in-law loves her Kindle. My mom loves keeping up with her grandchildren on Facebook. If you are splurging on Mother’s Day gifts this year, here are a list of “mom approved” items you should “tech out” and gift her this year.

E-book readers, GPS devices, tablet computers, and smart phones.

Whatever you decide, remember that a phone call and an e-card are always just as special. What did we do in the end? I would tell you but than it wouldn’t be a surprise!!


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