The Dairy Diaries

Any dairy fantasies??? Mozerella, cheese cake, ice cream cake?

From day 1 on earth it’s all about the milk! While you’re searching your memory for that nurturing nectar, we’re going to be opening the Dairy Diaries… stories and memories of Dairy; dairy addicts, dairy allergies, dairy diehards, dairy meals, dairy fairies, dairy darlings, dairy mustaches, dairy dignitaries, dairy farms, dairy resistors, derriere’s, dairy dreams…

And we’ll be answering the big question, “Where’s dairy heading?”

The Dairy Diaries twitter party, Sunday June 5, 9:30pmEST #PrimeTimeRadiance

RSVPbelow with your dairy fantasy.

What kind of a virtual discussion about dairy would it be without some prizes to satisfy your dairy cravings (in real life.)

(2) Variety cases of Chobani yogurt, which we love because they carefully craft each cup of their yogurt to perfection, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. That means no funny stuff you can’t pronounce. Just fresh milk, real fruit, and natural sweeteners—like pure clover honey in our 0% Honey Chobani.

(2) Great prizes from Kosher Advantage so you can save on your next night out at a restaurant in your area.

Now that you are hungry (I’m salivating just writing this), Follow these steps to qualify to win these prizes.

1. *Tweet: Jn @primetimeradian 4 r #primetimeradiance #DAIRY twttr party w/@KosherShopaholi on Sun June5, 930pmEST rsvp

RSVP here and with comment “I love healthy cheeses.”

For more chances to win:

  1. Check out Chobani’s website and leave a comment with a yogurt flavor you would like to try

  2. Like Chobani Greek Yogurt on facebook

  3. Check out the Chobani Yogurt channel on youtube

  4. Like Kosher Advantage on facebook

  5. Check out the Kosher Advantage website and see where you can get great deals in your area

  6. Sign up for Kosher Advantage with the code “KosherShopaholic” you get a free 3 month membership. This gives you between 5 – 15% off at participating Kosher restaurants and grocery stores around the world. Save Save Save. Isn’t this a great deal!

  7. Check out the Koshershopaholic website and check out her list of Cheesy Shavuous Recipes that you can make for under $8

  8. Follow @KosherShopaholi @KosherAdvantage @Chobani @GiveMeMilk, @PrimeTimeParent, and @PrimeTimeRadian on twitter

We look forward to tweeting with you on Sunday evening.



62 thoughts on “The Dairy Diaries

  1. I love healthy cheeses. Looking forward to the twitter party Sunday. I love Chobani, and I hope you saw the tweets to encourage them to be OU – P next Pesach – they replied to me that they are working on it!! Another reason to love Chobani.

    I am thinking eggplant rollatini this year…..

  2. I look for Chobani and especially the pomegranate…it make me feel double healthy….

  3. I love chobani yogurt. I stopped eating dairy when I became vegan. But now I do because I want the protein AND I love it.
    RSVPing for Sunday.

    I am tweeting out invite.

  4. I love healthy cheeses.
    are there any unhealthy cheeses.
    I wish it weren’t so fattening.

  5. love cheeses.

    I am tweeting now.

    I would like to try the pinapple. my mother said it was out of this world.

  6. I love healthy cheeses and i love grrek yogurt. I only tried chobani 1 time. but i would like to try the blueberry because blueberries are good to fight cancer.

  7. i love cheese.

    I would like to try cobani pomagranate

    I looked at koshershopaholic. i’m a pizza freak so I woul dlike to make the pizza

    I’m currently with my husband in New Orleans for work. So there’s no Kosher Advantage here. Unles I were to try the hotels in India! How bout some hotels here in New Orleans or NYC or Miami Beach?

  8. Hi there,

    looking forward to sunday. i love cheeses.

    will tweet invitation soon, with pleasure.

    extra chances:
    I haven’t eaten chobani yet, so I guess I would start with a safe flavor like strawberry.
    The kosher advantage site I would try the Global Tours. I need a vacation!
    Kosher Shopaholic is such a great site. I love easy recipes and it’s a nice aspect that their easy on the pocketbook. Especially in these economic times, it’s great to have resources that help us make homemade dishes that are inexpensive “and” delicious.

  9. I love healthy cheeses.

    count me in for tweeting, and following all of the above.
    the chobani flavor I like is peach.
    I rarely eat out so I have to think about what Kosher Advantage restaurant I would go to.
    And I love deals so I will follow Kowher Shopaholic.
    I will be tweeting on Sunday night.

  10. I love healthy cheeses.
    the blueberry looks good to try chobani.
    following all.

  11. rsvp

    I am now following the list you said.
    I will be there.
    and I will tweet out within minutes.

  12. Check out Chobani’s website and leave a comment with a yogurt flavor you would like to try lemon

  13. Check out the Kosher Advantage website and see where you can get great deals in your area

  14. Like Chobani Greek Yogurt on facebook (jd drenchek-scavo) @mellanhead

  15. checked on their youtube channel (the choobessed video is funny ) @mellanhead

  16. Like Kosher Advantage on facebook (jd drenchek-scavo) @mellanhead

  17. Checked out the Koshershopaholic website..I like the Cheesy Shavuos Recipe (@mellanhead)

  18. I would like to try either honey or strawberry

  19. Checked out your YouTube channel. I like “our real love story”

  20. Checked out kosher advantage I like how I can get a free trial membership by using code “trial”

  21. Checked out the website.. and now I wana make baked ziti!!! Yummy!

  22. I love yogurt so I would like to try any of them..I’ll start with strawberry

  23. checked out koshershopaholics site and love the home made pizza recipe that you can make for under 8$!

  24. rsvp: dairy fantasy!..uhm..eating tons of it with my son who has a dairy allergy!

  25. My favorite flavor is the Black Cherry – @sexyknickers68_

  26. Cheesy Shavuous Recipes – The Home Made Pizza looks great!

  27. I follow @KosherShopaholi @KosherAdvantage @Chobani @GiveMeMilk, @PrimeTimeParent, and @PrimeTimeRadian on twitter @sexyknickers68_

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