A Betz Boy’s Pizza Bash with Friends

When I was a kid, I always loved the summer. Just as my backpack was emptied of my overused erasers and short pencils, it would be filled-up again with camp supplies. The days when school ended and camp began was always pleasant for me. My mother, a professional stay-at-home-mom, made my birthday party during that time. I remember having my favorite birthday cake outside and running around with friends. What a way to celebrate after a long, cold, winter.

Now that I am a mom with 3 kids out of school, a wave of anxiety took over me as the week in between school and camp approached. What would I do with my very active children!.

The first place I looked for help? The mom network. I reached out to friends via email, twitter, and facebook. Within minutes, ideas were everywhere. My anxiety level decreased with each suggestion.

Now that the kids were taken care of, there was somebody very important left out of the equation. The mom network.  How is it possible to celebrate the greatness of this essential and irreplaceable network? Is it possible to fit in a night just for us (sans kids) and have some fun?

The idea came to me as I was taking that evening’s meal of delicious Betz Boy’s Cheese Pan Pizza out of the oven. A low-key get together in one of our houses was in order. The idea was presented and the responses favorable. How would we spend our time together? Thanks to my friends over at Betzios, our mom’s night out would now be a Betz Boy’s Pizza Bash in. Our lovely host and phenomamama for the evening provided the beverages and a delicious salad. Even though we had one mom in the group unable to eat the pizza due to her newborn’s sensitivity to wheat, she prepared a delicious moist chocolate cake (completely gluten-free). I still need to get this recipe from her, but I must tell you it was the most incredible cake I have ever tasted! We also served-up some Edy’s ice cream. It was so nice to just sit and have interrupted conversations about our lives.

What does a group of 7 moms without kids in tow discuss? No matter what the topic, a constant theme was on all of our minds. Our families. Some of our top concerns included:

  • Giving our children the tools that would enable them to grow into their full potential
  • Buying quality goods at discounted prices (clothes, shoes, toys, books, games, etc.)
  • Spending quality time with our extended families and maintaining relationships
  • Providing healthy meals that the children will enjoy without breaking the bank

While these are all very important concerns, feeding our children healthy foods happens everyday. I am thankful that Betzios not only provided us with our meal for the evening, but also gave each mom a box of Betzios to serve to their family. In other words, a night off from standing over a hot stove on a hot summer day.

What makes Betzios different from the other frozen pizza options on the market? Besides the fact that it tastes delicious, it is baked before it is frozen. This process seals in that fresh flavor when it is prepared at home. The preparation process couldn’t be easier. Just pre-heat the over to 350, spray a pan with a little oil, and bake for 10-12 minutes. The smells will son fill up the air and your kids will be jumping for joy! Not only does it smell delicious, the ingredients are mom approved. No preservatives added and made with %100 real cheese and the tomato sauce, well, is a family secret.

Next time you go to the supermarket, have Betzios in mind, and let them know what you think too. You can find them online at http://www.betzios.com/.


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