I’m a New Mom & I’m Wiped Out

 (contributed by Audrey M.)

My baby loves to pull all the wipes out of the dispenser. And I have to let him do it. He’s fascinates and impresses himself wipe by wipe.

It takes more to wipe-impress me as a mom. With so many wipes on the market, it can wipe us moms out trying to find the right wipe.

I need quality, quantity and products that support the lifestyle I try to raise my family with–Natural.

I just got turned on to 100% biodegradable, bamboo fabric wipes. They are of a new baby product line from Dr. Sears Family Essentials. These all-purpose baby wipes have been formulated by the Dr. Sears’ family of pediatricians and come in a handy 72 count pack.

When’s the last time you used wipes that are doctor-approved?
This fact gives me great comfort and confidence. One less thing a wiped-out-new-mom has to research!

And, so far, so good… my baby finds them worthy of pulling out every one.



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