I Didn’t Know Much About SEO Until…

…I made an appointment to meet with TIWebmaster. Sure, I had heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used over and over, but I never realized what it really meant. When I met with Tzvi , the owner and founder of TIWebmaster, I was very impressed with the way he explained the technical issues of SEO to me. I have had my own blog for over 2 years, yet I have never had the time to focus on SEO. This was s perfect time for me to meet with TIWebmaster, since I am now looking to sell aadvertisements and sponsorships for my blog. I love writing about my experiences with different products. However, was that content reaching as many people as it potentially could? Were those numbers the best I could achieve or was there a way to increase those numbers? Is SEO really so necessary anyway?

Tzvi explained to me how things work with SEO. You may know this already, but when I heard it from him as he showed me the results on his computer, I was blown away. With so many people using the internet as a tool to promote blogs, brands, and services, the way to find those online resources is by a search engine. The most popular and favorite search engine is Google. TIWebmaster showed me how many people search for certain words. I never even thought of how key words would have that affect on a search. For example, Tzvi asked me if I knew ow many people search Google for words like “Brooklyn Locksmith” Or “NY Dental” or “NY Real-Estate”. The answer. More then 26,000 searches every month for each key word.

Tvi also asked me a very valuable question, “Do you know how many people are searching for your the content you blog about each month?”. The truth, I did not know. He used an online tool by Google to show me how many people search for some of the topics I blog about. Tzvi showed me how I was showing up in search engines without SEO. He was so kind and easy to understand. He was not pushy about his services, nor was he critical of my blog.

I would highly recommend TIWebmaster for building your website and SEO optimization. If you have a website, or are thinking about building one for a new business venture, you should contact TI Webmaster. Check out testimonials and more details on their services at http://www.tiwebmaster.com. Ready to make an appointment? Call TI Webmaster Toll Free (888)8-E-WEB-19 or (888)839-3219. You can also contact them online here. Please let them know that Esti from primetimeparenting.com told you about them.



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