PrimeTimeParent Jennifer Lopez: Gave Birth at 39; Hotter Than Ever at 41 (almost 42)

(contributed by PrimeTimeParent, Audrey M.) 

Alot of us are having successful birthing experiences after 35 years old. J.Lo did it and post birth was noted as being “delighted, thrilled and over the moon”. She said she’s waited a long time to be a mom.


How long did she have to wait to get her awesome figure back?

It’s one of the issues Prime Time Moms face. We don’t have youth snapping everything back 10 hours after the birth.
She says she works hard at it and eats right. She even uses meal delivery from Freshology.

So there’s no Star Secret? It’s the same old Eat Right and Exercise?

That’s a big, FAT “YES”.



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