Food Has a Way of Connecting Us All

I wanted to share this video. The story behind it is that a very talented food writer and blogger, Jennifer Perillo of, suffered a major loss last Sunday at 5:52pm. This woman, a wife, mother, and friend, lost her husband. He was the love of her life. 

I first found out about this on twitter and I reached out to @Hip2Housewife to see what happened. She told me. I had never met Mikey. I have met Jennifer and she is very special. Talented, beautiful, and modest. The online community continues to reach out and show her and her 2 small daughters love and support. This experience has left me with so many feelings about life. Jennifer learned the reality of loss. As an online community, we have learned the value of sharing and showing support in times of distress.

If you have a few minutes, watch this beautiful video created by @whiteonricecouple. It is so beautiful. Make a #pieformikey and share it with somebody you love!


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