Leiby Kletzky Would Have Celebrated His 9th Birthday This Week

I just received this email from my friends over at MavenMall. I can’t believe the shloshim of little Leiby Kletzky, zt”l just passed. This little boy would have celebrated his 9th birthday this weekend. Since this tragedy happened, I have thought about the Kletzky family every single day.

A trajedy like this brings us closer to each other. It even brings us closer to a family we don’t even know. How can we help ease the pain? One way is to give back and MavenMall has made that possible for people everywhere to donate to Leiby’s Memorial Fund. So for every Facebooklike and email signupMavenMall gets for the next 14 days, she will donate $0.25 to the Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund.



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