Waiting for Irene

An earthquake and now a hurricane in New York? Really? This type of information does not process well with a girl from Chicago. Don’t hurricanes only happen in tropical locations? Are earthquakes supposed to stay in California? No and no.

So, we are waiting for Irene. We have our Disaster Safety Kits ready and our faith in higher powers. All of this waiting reminds me of being in the ninth month of pregnancy. Okay, are you with me on this one?

You have a due date and it passes. You go to the doctor and they tell you that you are not dilated at all. You go back home and wait. You think you feel some contractions, but the doctor says that you are still not dilated. You keep waiting for it to happen. See the pattern.

We have been waiting all day for Irene, and now a tornado watch. What’s next? Be thankful and pray for the safety of everyone. Listen to the news. I am keeping up to date on twitter by following @MikeBloomberg and @NotifyNYC. Are you waiting up for Irene or getting some sleep?


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