Ivanka Trump Takes Time Out To Support Bake Sale Event In Support of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in NYC

(contributed by Lauren F.)

I love that so many things are happening this time of year. Great sales, holiday parties, new movie releases and vacation destinations that are warm and sunny. I was especially excited when I was invited to attend a very special Bake Sale Event in Support of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer hosted by Ivanka Trump (OMG!) and The Glad Products Company.

I wasn’t able to attend, but I was very fortunate that Lauren Finkelstein, a very special primetimeparent and founder of Save1person.org, went in my place. Here is her post and some pictures!

(Lauren F) Ivanka Trump waltzed into ‘Cookies for Kids’ Cancer event at the Trump Atrium presented by Glad products like a Trump. The goal of ‘Cookies for Kids’ is to raise money for Pediatric Cancer. The hope is the event would encourage other groups to sell cookies in exchange for monies to go to this worthwhile cause.

There was media there from OK Magazine to In Touch to mom bloggers to the Getty Wire Services.

Ivanka’s presence added a star mystique to the event. She’s beautiful, philanthropic and exudes a certain confidence that I suppose only a Trump kid could have. Ivanka mentioned that her family has always been involved with efforts that make a difference in the world. Ivanka also noted that her brother started the Eric Trump Foundation. I had to ask her how her experience was on the “Apprentice” and she said that it was an amazing time and fun to be had for all. From Cookies for Kids to “Your Fired” – there’s no stopping this Trump in making sure her world is delicious.

What I found truly impressive and thought provoking about the event, even though there weren’t thousands of people at this event, the bloggers, the press, and the PR generated at this small little gathering at the Trump Atrium will reach out all over the world with the power of the press, social media, and internet.

There’s no doubt this cookie sale would be tasty to others to bake their own good for the betterment of the world.

May this event, inspire others to make a change in the world. May this event encourage others to bake some delicious cookies – and may this be the last bake off before there’s a breakthrough for this fatal disease.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is a non-profit that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Cookie’s were provided cookie from Sarabeth’s Kitchen.

The Glad Products Company has partnered with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to encourage consumers to host their own cookie exchanges and bake sales to benefit the nonprofit. For every cookie exchanged or sold at an official bake sale during the months of November and December, GLAD will make a donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, up to $100,000.

Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children in the U.S., but research for the disease has been historically underfunded with approximately half of all drugs used to treat children with cancer being at least 20 years old.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer — founded by parents of a son battling cancer – is dedicated to raising funds to support research for new and improved therapies. Through the concept of local bake sales, the organization provides the inspiration and support for people, communities and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer..


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