St. Jude Children’s Research and LOFT Make Giving Back Easy


Esti with Suzanne Chan of and Nancy Horn of

On December 1, I co-hosted a wonderful blogging event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the LOFT with Nancy Horn ( and Suzanne Chan ( We were thrilled by the support of our friends in the blogging community. Whether they were at the event with us or posting about the event on their on blogs, we were thrilled!

This event represented what Nancy, Suzanne, and I will continue to build for the brands we love and trust. As usual, I was busy shmoozing and tweeting at the event last week. I asked contributor, Lauren F., to write a post about this event. Thank you, Lauren!!

(by Lauren F.)Last week, I had the privilege to attend a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital event hosted by the Loft. This was the launch of a symbolic charm collection benefiting the patients of St. Jude. St. Jude is the nation’s leading pediatric research and treatment center devoted solely to cancer and other deadly diseases.

I started a non profit, 10 years ago, called Save 1 Person ( and I recall one of our news breaks to save a life, was for a child with cancer who’s expenses wouldn’t be covered by the family’s insurance completely. We asked our viewers for advice, how to support this child. One of our responses from the audience was to put the child’s family in contact with St. Jude. Apparently, no family ever pays St. Jude for treatment and St. Jude covers the cost of food, travel and lodging for patients and a family member.

I couldn’t help thinking at the event, what a miraculous combination of one hand washing the other. Ann Cares, the philanthropic arm of Ann Inc, donates money from sales to help find a cure for cancer for children. The company thus far has raised 6.7 Million dollars. In my opinion, this is a holy endeavor, one that will be blessed for generations. Shop and save a life of a child……G-d bless the people who put this event together and who came up with the idea for a cause marketing campaign between St. Jude and Ann Inc. When you shop at the Loft, you can feel a little better about the world we inhabit. So shop away and save a child’s life in the process. And in the shopping remember to “Give thanks for the healthy kids in your lives, and give to those who are not.”



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