First Night of Chanukah: Celebrate The Miracle With Jewish Food From Around the Web

I can’t believe tonight is the first night of Chanukah, or is it Hannukah, or Hanukah?? However you spell it, this is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Not only because it is so rich in meaning (and the food is rich too, oy) and symbolism. Who else would eat vats of oil for 8 days straight!! Lite, baked,or fried, this holiday can help us all see the miracles around us every day. Especially if we don’t gain inches!! So, let’s get this party started with some good Jeiwsh food!

If your Jewish holiday cooking book is falling a part, or has to much caked-on (what is that?) flour to see an entire recipe, I can help. I have included some links that you will find helpful in preparing a festive and delicious feast (sans cookbook) for your friends and family. I already feel guilty because I may have left somebody off this list. Please let me know if you have stumbled upon a great Chanukah recipe or blog that I could share with my readers.

Here are some food personalities that I could listen give a shpiel about food for hours. Let’s start with the woman I spend the first part of my lunch, Monday-Friday. Yes, Joan Hamburg. I am forever finding out about new cookbook authors and recipes from her incredible guests. My most favorite cooking demo diva and healthy cook, Levana Kirschenbaum. Also, you will love June Hersh. Joan Nathan, and Tori Avey. In fact, Tori was just in NYC and Good Day New York on Fox 5. You can catch it via this link.

The Jewish Hostess for great table decorating ideas. You will find no shortage of recipes and some giveaways too online at: CookKosher, KosherScoop (NEW from Kosher Inspired), KosherStreet, DinnerinVenice, JoyofKosher, Bitayavon, KosherLikeMe, and KosherEye.

I apologize if I missed anybody(oy, the guilt). If you have an online food blog that you love, please share the link here!!

Day 2 I will be sharing how to keep kids entertained at home during Chanukah!


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