Chanukah Day 2: Engage Your Kids, There Is So Much To Do

I have a very hard time getting my kids to bed after lighting the Chanukah candles. They are so excited about this holiday, I can’t blame them. That is why my husband and I give them an activity after each night of Chanukah. If your kids are up, let them have fun and enjoy with theses 8 activity ideas:

Play Dreidel. The kids love playing this game. Keep a chart of how many times each child lands on each of the four Hebrew letters. Give the kids a bunch of pennies to play with and the one with the most pennies at the end is the winner. Set aside little prizes to reward them with like coloring books and a new set of crayons.

Decorate Cookies. If you have an easy sugar cookie dough without eggs, this is the time to use it. Have the dough made in advance. Let each child take a ball of the dough and use their hands to flatten it. Chanukah themed cookie cutters will keep them busy. Dreidels, menorahs, and figures are very popular. Use an easy icing mixture, add food coloring, and sprinkles for an added touch. I noticed that my kids love playing with the dough just as much as decorating it.

Coloring pages. My friend Leah Schapira, co-founder of, and author of Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking: Ordinary Ingredients – Extraordinary Meals. Leah send me some great coloring pages with Chanukah themes. My kids love to sit and color. Check out these pages from Leah’s website,

Chanukah Music and Videos. We recently saw Mama Doni in concert and she sang songs from “Chanukah Fever”. Well, we’ve all got the fever and my kids have been requesting her videos since. She also has some really great music from “Shabbat Shaboom”. We also enjoy Shalom Sesame, The Maccarons, and Uncle Moishy.

Skype and Light. These days, families are all over the place. Why not join them in lighting the candles via Skype. Be safe and designate the adults to be in charge of the Menorah lighting on both sides of the screen.

Chanukah Jewelry. Shrinky Dinks, remember them? I had not thought about them until I went a Chanukah Craft Fair at my daughter’s school. This is very easy. Cut out the shape of a dreidel with a hole for string to go through. Color the dreidel with special pencils that can be sold along or near these items at Micheal’s. Follow directions carefully and put in the oven. The kids will love watching them shrink into shapre. Once it has cooled and put the string through. Add colored beads and you have a beautiful project.

Personalized Chanukah Cards. If you have your own color printer, or if you rely on Walgreens to print out your digital photos, this is an easy and fun activity. Print out a photo of your child. Use white poster board and cut out a large dreidel. Buy puffy stickers with the Chanukah theme (we found them at Amazing Savings). Have each child decorate their dreidel with stickers. When they are finished, find adhesive magnets, stick them on the back, and hang-up them up on refrigerator. Make extra and send them off to Bubbe or Auntie!

Search fo the oill. You know how at Passover we search for the Afikomen? At Chanukah, we can hide a jar of olive oil and award Chanukah gelt to the child that finds it first.

What special Chanukah activities do you have planned? Please share them and provide a link.




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