Chanukah Day 3: Giving Away 2 Disney Universe: Suit Up for XBOX 360

It would be Chanukah without the opportunity to give things away to my readers (by the way, thank you for your support!). I am giving away 2 Disney Universe: Suit Up.

(contributed by Lauren Finkelstein, Founder,

A couple of weeks ago, me and fellow “Do Gooder” Bonnie G. checked out a new video game presented by Disney at Alice’s Tea Cup on the upper east side.

We got to chat with the ladies, eat scones, drink tea,hang with the PR folks from Disney and spoke to the producer of the video game: Disney Universe: Suit Up. Power Up. Team Up. Battle through worlds of mischief and adventure.

Interesting, going to these mommy blogger events, we’re meeting and chatting up people from all walks of life. So while Bonnie and I “undercover mommy bloggers” for Prime Time Parenting chatted up the producer of the video game, we learned some interesting facts about video games: could cost 10 – 20 million to produce, could take about a year and half to make and Disney would be really happy with 50 million in sales (this would be divided up between various companies, such as Microsoft, Pixar, Disney, etc.)

So why do I bring this fact up? Kids get to flick the stick and have their characters, jump up and down, battle with the other loony characters and watch all sort of zany figurines fly at you. While Bonnie and I were playing this game, Bonnie couldn’t stop laughing – it was entertaining for mommies. If an adult was cracking up – how much more so for little kids? Endless hours of entertainment for children, if you don’t mind this type of activity for your child.

One other kick of this event is that, all the mommy bloggers received a take home bag with Disney products and a copy of the Disney video game. As fate, would have it, my son’s school is having a toy drive for orphaned kids and I received the notice today.Some child without a mommy or daddy will get some fun – on Disney’s creative minds jumping in rivers, falling off cliffs and making sure their enemies don’t take over the Disney Universe.

I am so happy that Lauren and Bonnie can “cover” for me when I am not able to to these events.Would you like to win this game tonight? I am giving 2 of them away. This contest is now closed,congrats to our winners!!. All you have to do to win is leave a comment below and let me know what you love about Disney.

Disney Universe is an off-the-wall non-stop action adventure where Disney worlds and characters mix up for the first time. Suit up in iconic costumes and face challenges in legendary Disney worlds. Defeat enemies, collect coins and powerups, unlock new costumes and explore with friends as you battle in a mix-up of worlds inspired by numerous Disney and Pixar films.

For more chances to win, share this contest on twitter and tweet:

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This contest is closed!! This was not a paid post. Lauren did attend the event and played Disney Universe: Suit Up.


31 thoughts on “Chanukah Day 3: Giving Away 2 Disney Universe: Suit Up for XBOX 360

  1. I’ve loved Disney since a little girl when I fell in love with Cinderella! Now my 4yr old is also in loveDisney princesses.

  2. First Dineyland, then Disneyworld – now Disney is taking over the UNIVERSE! I love it! I totally want a part of this game and all that it offers. In our house, Disney has taken over the Kanefsky Universe – everything Princess…haha! I love all the characters and cannot wait to see if we win! Following on FB

  3. I like Disney because it is a magical make believe place that you can go to to have fun. I love the character, goofy is my favorite and then mickey.

  4. “Like” Disney Universe on facebook Done as Cheryl Benck Lund

  5. What I love about Disney is all the wonderful characters they have, the stories and how they teach kids to learn be confident in themselves and to soar because anything is possible. My babies love everything about Disney as Im sure all kids do too, im an adlut and I love Disney lol and what a great prize this is. thank you so much

  6. I love that even though Disney is a company with a lot of history and great “traditional” characters, they’re always trying new things. They introduce new characters & concepts and branch out into new areas – like the Disney Universe game. And no matter what it is, it’s fun!

  7. I follow @primetimeparent and @DisneyGames on Twitter as @ostmega.

  8. I like Disney Universe on Facebook. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  9. I love that Disney does a great job of appealing to the whole family. This game looks like it would be fun for all of us, from the 9 year old to the well, you don’t need to know how old I am. 😉

    I want the Jack & Sally skins for the Disney Universe characters! Too cute.

  10. I forgot to tell you what I love about disney for me it all the magic! I worked there and got to see the first hand work. I love bringing magic to life! Disney is just simple magically!

  11. My son has been wanting this game and I am sometimes skeptical about buying video games because kids only play them for a little while. He says he will play it all the time but who knows. Since working for DISH, I remembered we now have Blockbuster Movie Pass available to all DISH customers. So now my son can have unlimited access to thousands of games by mail! The best part is there aren’t any late fees and they are mailed directly to our home. So we just keep on saving money. I really love how we can stream TV shows and movies right to our TV or PC and there aren’t any extra charges for Blu-ray movies. So we never get bored.

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