International Delight Iced Coffee Taste Teaser #CBias #IcedCoffee

I love coffee. It started from a young age. My Aunt Esther would make me the most delicious cup of coffee in her kitchen. Smooth, milky, and just the right amount of sugar. I was also a huge fan of coffee ice cream, and coffee candy. With a cup of coffee in hand, anything is possible. With such a love of coffee, finding new ways to support my habit are welcome. That is why I was just thrilled to review a new iced coffee beverages from International Delight. Once I opened the big box of three flavors, I knew this was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. It is possible to enjoy ice coffee in the winter? Yes.

As I said, I am a fan of every type of coffee. When it is hot in winter, I enjoy a hot coffee. Now that it is winter, an ice coffee is still a treat.

The International Delight Iced Coffee cartoon is ready to drink. These cartoons of iced coffee are premixed and are available in three flavors which are Original, Mocha and Vanilla. The first time I tried these out, I was even more pleased with the flavor. Smooth and creamy and just right. Usually, I have to add the creamer and sugar. Any chance to save a couple of minutes in a luxury in my day. I had a couple of friends over and they sampled these along with me. We all fell in love instantly. We all agreed that the Mocha flavor was our favorite. My kids also tested them out. They loved it so much that I had to remove the cartoons and hide them behind the orange juice in the refrigerator. i couldn’t even capture images of this beverage in our cups at the time, it went down that quick! Can an iced coffee that tastes so good be healthy? My husband, the health enforcer in the home, gave the ingredients the thumbs up.Made with 100% premium Arabica coffee, the flavor from that alone is a big hit.! However, each serving does contain 150 calories. This is something to consider, especially when counting calories like we do. We decided to use half of that and add it to ice in the blender. The results, a tasty and frothy treat with the half the calories. There are more reasons to love this new iced coffee beverages.

Since we keep kosher in an out of the home, we are also pleased that this product is certified Kosher dairy under the Orthodox Union. This is an item we can pack in our cooler when taking to the road this winter vacation. We aren’t always able to find kosher iced coffee on the road. If we do, paying $4 for a Starbucks Iced Coffee in the bottle is not an option. If you are on the road and want to find these International Delight Iced Coffee on the road, they will be available at Walmart on January 15.

When you do get a chance to try this coffee, you may like it right from the container, or making a dessert drink from it. I am sure that you will find it simply chilliciousTM!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #Cbias,#icedcoffee All opinions are my own.


9 thoughts on “International Delight Iced Coffee Taste Teaser #CBias #IcedCoffee

  1. Very cool that it is Kosher. This iced coffee seems to fit a variety of requirements food wise, it has no harsh chemicals that i can have either! 🙂

  2. So, glad to hear that you loved the International Delight Iced Coffee, I love it too! Love the calorie idea!

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