Resolving Old Habits in the New Year of 2012


Photo from Real Simple Family

Now that the wine glasses have been cleared and the streamers swept-away, how will people make their New Year’s resolutions a reality. Here are some common resolutions accompanied by some very attainable goals.

Lose weight. Don’t give it all up just yet. Going cold turkey is not the secret to diet success. Make three changes in your eating. Not sure where to begin? Start with getting more exercise, drinking more water, and not eating after 8:00 pm. Gain a good eating strategy and the pounds will come off.

The dream house. Make your current home look new. Many people think that moving to a new home and fancier home will fix their lack of enthusiasm about their current home. In times of economic uncertainty, making a major move is not a good move. Don’t keep dreaming of that perfect home. Make your current home better. Small changes like rearranging furniture, painting the walls, and hanging new drapes can make a big difference.

A new look. When a new wardrobe is not in the budget, try a new hairstyle. Some easy things to consider are going from long to short, no bangs to bangs, curly to straight, and a color change. If a hairstyle is too much to change, look into some hair accessories for a quick change. From hats to headbands, your look can change again and again.

Leave your pity party behind. Feeling like life is not fair? Depressed? Some of the best things to do are helping others that can’t help themselves. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a pediatric hospital. It is amazing how taking the focus off of your own problems can help solutions come to fruition.

What resolutions did you keep from last year? What new resolutions do you have this year?


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