A Little Make-Up Goes A Long Way


Make-Up Room at the Rachel Ray Show

We all know that traveling with kids can be draining, both physically and mentally. How come my parents never looked drained in their vacation pictures? In the 1960s, people actually dressed-up to go on to the airport and board an airplane. I’ve seen the pictures. My mom wore lipstick and her hair looked beautiful. My dad wore a tie and his hair was combed nice and neat. When visiting my in-laws, or even my own mother, I apply make-up just before we arrive at their homes! Nobody wants to show up looking as tired as they really feel, right?

Is this a common theme in motherhood? Add a husband to the mix (no offense, darling) and looking all together before heading out the door is “mission impossible”. Just when I felt like my makeup days were over, I was introduced to the perfect make-up for me. Yes, it is kosher too! In today’s world, kosher is a term known to represent items that are “pure” as well. I can definitely say that about ShainDee Cosmetics. Not only do I love their colors, this make-up is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

I tried out the mineral foundation in light. It really did feel “lite” and went on like silk. Formulated from elements derived from earth minerals, these powders scatter light. They leave no greasy shine, no cakey texture-just the glow of natural beauty. They also provide natural protection from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and water resistant. This is ideal for summer, especially when taking the kids from the park to the pizza store. I also love that the mineral foundation can cover and help calm inflammation from acne and rosacea. I may be well out of my teen years, but I still have some skin issues “pop-up” once and awhile (must be stress). This is also something good for my PrimeTimePregnancy readers experiencing a surge in hormones!

Something very, very special about Shaindee Cosmetics is that it can be applied on Shabbat (day of rest). How? Shabbat is a day of rest. We all know about “rest” from using obvious modern appliances; tv, internet, automobile, washing machines, and cell phones. I have included this video from ShainDee Cosmetics about the laws of applying make-up on Shabbat.

ShainDee has information on these issues and I want to share them with you in this post. In fact, the make-up I received for review came with complete Shabbat Cosmetics Instructions. Shabbat cosmetics may only be used within the following Halachic (Jewish Law) guidelines, in accordance with the opinion of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt’l*. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was a very learned Rabbi that studied Jewish Law. Here are instructions for using make-up on Shabbat.

  1. Face must be dry and clean from any other makeup. Spray Shabbat moisturizer (also sold by ShainDee Cosmetics) and allow to dry before applying any Shabbat makeup.
  2. You cannot blend two colors together to create a new shade.
  3. You must use a separate brush for every color and loose poser so you are not blending two colors. No sponges, applicators or fingers may be used. ShainDee Cosmetics has brushes that are custom made to enable the beset results.
  4. You can reapply the same color with its own brush as often as you like. You may not apply Shabbat makeup onto non-Shabbat makeup (applied before Shabbat).
  5. You can remove makeup with liquid makeup remover or wash your face with the cleanser only (without cotton balls/swabs or pre-soaked pads).. Rinse off with water, dry with a paper, and then with a towel.*Although Rabbi Moshe Heinermann does not rely on the opinion of those who permit the use of makeup on Shabbat, he has tested these makeups and has determined that they meet the guidelines of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein for Shabbat and Yom Tov use for women who rely on Rabbi Feinstein’s opinion.

I also like that ShainDee has instructions on using these makeup products during the weekdays as well. For example, the mineral foundation. During the week, I can apply in a circular motion with a kabuki brush (suggested and sold by ShainDee). During Shabbat, mineral foundation is applied around the blush (this does not cause blending, which is prohibited on Shabbat).

That’s not all. The Star-K has reviewed the ingredients of these products and has determined that many of them are chometz (wheat) free. For many Observant Jews, make-up with any chometz is prohibited during Passover (by the way, Passover is on Saturday evening, April 7, 2012). If there is any doubt about make-up products and if they contain chometz, there is a full list of chometz free products at www.star-k.org. Can a make-up that is Kosher look good as well?

If you are looking for a new makeup that is good for your skin, I would highly suggest ShainDee Cosmetics. I love that these products are affordable, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and Shabbat friendly. They are easy to use also. Here is a video of CEO and Founder of ShainDee Cosmetics, Shaindy Kelman with some very easy to follow instructions. 

Disclaimer: I received the Shabbat Kit to try out ShainDee Cosmetics and other products to write this review. These opinions are my own.


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