5 More Weeks Till the Birth of My Disney Baby

I know what you are thinking. No, I’m not pregnant, but primetimeparent contributor Audrey Matalon-Rogers is! Here is her latest post! You can also keep up with her primetimepregnancy at http://primetimepregnancy.wordpress.com/

Contributed by Audrey Matalon-Rogers

What’s a Disney Baby, you ask? A Disney Baby is a fashion forward babe, a babe who’s $$$ conscious… a practical babe, who also loooves a good time… especially with his or her favorite Disney buddies.

I can’t wait for the arrival of my new Disney Baby in 5 weeks, who’ll get to experience Disney’s great, lovable characters while using top of the line products like NUK, Born Free, Graco, Safety 1st, Kids II, Huggies, and more.

I was introduced to the newest additions to DisneyBaby.com at their showing in NYC on Feb 1, 2012. From there I made my list of Must-Have’s for my 1 ½ year old and my coming baby.

1- Born Free Mickey Mouse pacifiers: WHY? I believe pacifiers were made by our father in heaven because he has mercy on us earthly, new moms. Born Free is known for making mouth pieces that are perfect for a newborn’s natural mouth shape and sucking ability. Having Mickey on the pacifier allows me to match my baby’s little pucker to his tush (Huggies Snug n’ Dry).

2- Winnie the Pooh Active Cup by NUK http://www.disneybaby.com/products/winnie-the-pooh-active-cup/ Top of the line NUK quality, BPA free, spill proof transition cup. It has a little clip on side so I can attach it to my 1 1/2 year old, Azzie. More importantly, Azzie loves the Pooh character. This Pooh bear love affair is especially helpful in trying to get him to drink the beverage of my choice!

3- Grow-An-Inch bodysuits from DisneyBaby http://www.disneybaby.com/products/disney-cuddly-bodysuit-with-grow-an-inch-snaps-the-lion-king-big-roar-3-pack/ and extending length leggings http://www.disneybaby.com/products/disney-baby-boys-pull-on-pants-2-pack-brown-and-orange/
These products are so smart! Bodysuits come with a second row of snaps. This allows your baby a few more months of wear. It’s the same with the extending cuff leggings. SMART and economical!
Disney really gets it.

Well, those are my top 3 Disney Baby picks. Quality, economical and endearing.
Here’s a bonus pick:
Winnie The Pooh Grooming Kit
Every baby needs one. Makes a perfect gift for yourself or baby shower.

One more thing. I have to mention how much my 1 ½ year old, Azzie, is terrifically attached to his talking Tigger doll. The Disney characters have withstood the test of time, generation to generation and the Disney company has continually transformed itself to meet the needs of the today’s mom.


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