Chobani Champions: Greek Yogurt that Kids Love!

Contributed by Maytal Wichman, of Mama’s Healthy Bites and contributor to Long Island Mamas and The Mama Maven.

As a vegetarian mom, it’s not always easy to find enough protein sources for my kids who would subsist only on pasta, cheerios and crackers if it were up to them. Yogurt, particularly Greek yogurt, is packed with protein, not to mention calcium, vitamin D and probiotics, so I’m always trying to encourage my kids to eat it. My daughter is easy – she’ll eat plain yogurt with a spoon. My son, on the other hand, is a different story. He won’t have yogurt. Won’t even try it. End of discussion. (Did I mention he’s three?!)

My daughter and I recently attended a Chobani Champions ( event at Taste Buds ( Chobani Champions are Greek yogurts made especially for kids and are 100% natural. My daughter got to use the different types of yogurt to bake Orange Yogurt cake and make a yogurt parfait but her favorite part was sampling the Chobani Champions flavors: Orange Vanilla, Very Berry, Honey-nana and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk. Like all chobani products, the Chobani Champions are kosher-certified, gluten-free and low in lactose.


After we got home from the event, I called my son over and showed him the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt. “I no like yogurt!” He turned away, clearly not interested. “Look, this has chocolate!” I showed him the picture of the chocolate chunk on the container. Well, let’s just say he got interested. So now my little yogurt snob is a changed man (or rather toddler) and is loving Chobani Champions Yogurt! Thanks, Chobani Champions!

I was not paid for this article. I did receive a gift bag with Chobani Champions samples.





One thought on “Chobani Champions: Greek Yogurt that Kids Love!

  1. I love Chobani yogurt, it is my absolute favorite. I had my children try the Chobani Champions and it was a success in my home as well. Thanks for the reveiw and sharing your experience with other moms. Finding healthy foods our children will eat is a challenge.

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