Review and Ticket Giveaway to The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things in NYC

This past Sunday afternoon, I took my 3 kids into Manhattan. We started out on the Lower East Side at the Streit’s Matzo Factory and ended up at the MMAC Theater on the Upper West Side to see “The Amazing Max”. How does that happen? How does one have energy?

Our friend, Mama Doni, was hosting a free concert at the Streit’s Matzo Factory. We have been fans of Mama Doni and her talented band members since “Chanukah Fever” came out in 2009. Not only is she one of the funnest people I know, she is a very talented song writer. She uses her “Jewgrass” and pumps out songs that families through all of the Jewish holidays. This most recent concert included a tour of the Sreit’s Original Matzo Factory. What is a tour without a sampling of the final product? Yes, my kids loved the fresh, warm Matzo at the end of the tour. Soon enough, we will be noshing on Matzo cream cheese sandwiches (Passover starts at sundown on Friday, April 6).You should definitely keep up with Mama Doni and her band via her concert schedule. She is all about the audience during her performances and her partnership with Streit’s has her giving the audience everything from candy to her CDs. FREE. Thank you , Mama!

With warm, delicious matzo in tow, we hopped in the car and cruised uptown for a 400pm performance of “The Amazing Max”.

I first heard about “The Amazing Max” at the J & R, Jr. launch event last month. Hosted by Momtrends, KidzVuz, and Dada Rocks, this event was all about and for families. My kids love magic, especially by a magician with a personality! That is “The Amazing Max”. We were fortunate enough to receive tickets to his show. Once I saw my kids literally bouncing in their seats, I was happy. The show starts off with “The Amazing Max” cruising on to the stage in a nifty little vehicle. My kids were in awe! It was non-stop engagement from that point on.

There was a birthday boy in the front row, and Max really involved him in the performance. They both had so much fun. “The Amazing Max” also called on other children in the audience. You know how kids like to laugh at things related to bodily functions? Well, Max does include that in his show and my kids were hysterical. Normally, we refrain from jokes about bodily functions around the dinner table, but it was funny. For example, “The Amazing Max” called up two kids from the front row. They were adorable, and he was able to make these cuties have coins (not really, but it looked like it) come out of their nose and end up in a can. I may not be explaining this well at all, but it had my kids out of their seats! In fact, they were laughing throughout the entire show!

Remember how I mentioned that “The Amazing Max” invites children to participate in the show? Well, he does and it is a lot of fun. He is also generous and gives each show participant a magic wand with “The Amazing Max” on it. I didn’t realize that my kids really, really wanted one of those until Max mentioned that they were available for sale upstairs. He added that we, the parents, could just put it on our credit card. This, my kids also loved and when we went upstairs, my daughter was waiting for me to pull out my credit card. Granted, I was okay with this since we were provided tickets to the show in order for me to write this review. I did buy them, but they are $5 per wand, times the number of kids in your party, that could add up. I remember a story my friend told me about visiting the American Girl Store with her 6 girls. Yes, 6! She warned them before they arrived at the store that they were going there to see the dolls, but they would not be going home with one. Sure, that is a much bigger expense than a $5 wand. However, it is a good strategy to avoid public meltdowns (yes, that was my daughter) after an outing with kids. In the end, I had a discussion with my daughter about her behavior. We worked it out and after all that, I think the wand is lost in her room somewhere.

From Mama Doni, Matzo, “The Amazing Max”, and even a meltdown in public, our day was still fantastic! I am even giving my readers a chance to WIN 4 tickets to see THE AMAZING MAX (Black Out Dates 4/7, 4/8, 5/26, and 5/28).

Here is some more information about this show.

The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things is a Magic Show with a mind of its own. Magician Max Darwin makes objects appear out of thin air, as the laws of physics are defied, and miracles are performed inches from spectators’ faces. As the props onstage seem intent on surprising even the magician himself, this out of control show bursts with striking visual magic, comedy and juggling, and loads of audience participation. The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things is the wackiest, most interactive, highest energy magic show for families on the market today.

The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things is performed at the MMAC Theater located in the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center MMAC Theater at 248 W. 60th Street, NYC (between Amsterdam and West End Avenues) in the Lincoln Center area. The MMAC Theater is the newest, most sought after off-Broadway destination for family. Running Time: 60 minutes.

I was also just informed that due to popular demand “The Amazing Max” has been extended through June 30th.

Additionally, you will be able to get discounted tickets by using discount code: AMBLOG3 at (Discount Tickets are $26.50 for Orchestra Seating Only. Valid on performances now thru 6/30/12. Blackout dates 4/7, 4/8, 5/26, and 5/28).


This contest runs from Friday, March 30-Friday, April 6. Please leave a comment below and let me know the last time you went to a magic show.

For additional chances to win, please do the following and leave a comment:

  1. Follow @PrimeTimeParent and @theamazingmax on Twitter
  2. “Like” The Amazing Max and TrumpetingMedia on Facebook
  3. Share this contest with your friends on Twitter and/or Facebook

I did not receive payment for this post, however, I did receive tickets to see “The Amazing Max” with my kids. The opinions here are my own.

The ticket giveaway is open to US residents and the winner will be picked on Friday, April 6.


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