The Spice Is Right In Jack’s Gourmet Kosher Sausages


Last year I interviewed Dr. Alan Broner about Jack’s Gourmet Sausages. This past week, I had the opportunity to sample Jack’s Kosher for Passover sausages. My husband and I are already big fans of the Buffalo Style Chicken, Sweet Italian, and Turkey & Apple-Cranberry sausages. Jack’s Gourmet Sausages also makes mouth watering flavors in Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, Spicy Mexican Style Chorizo Sausage , Cured Bratwurst Sausage, Boerewors Sausage, Sliced Corned Beef Brisket, and Sliced Pastrami.

Since we are within a week of Passover, I wanted to share some great news about two of Jack’s Gourmet Sausages that are Kosher for Passover and Gluten Free!

Beef Kielbasa Sausage – A mild and garlicky sausage, this Polish delight is just that and will add a new spin to your Passover Seder. We already have big plans for this sausage. Did I mention that we love garlic in my house! We can’t keep enough cloves in the kitchen. We have sauteed these sausages, diced them up, and tossed them in a bowl of Quinoa. We also added some sauteed green pepper and onions for extra kick. This was fantastic and we will definitely serve it up at one of our meals this Passover .

Spicy Southwestern Style. Spicy, bold and packed with flavor. My husband added these sausages to a pot of chicken soup. My husband also added spinach, onions, and green pepper to the soup when it was boiling. He let it simmer for 30 minutes. For extra kick, he added some extra cayenne pepper. Remember I told you how much we love spicy! I had seconds and thirds (I ate more than my husband). The flavor that this added to our soup took our taste buds away from the bland and into the sand of the southwest! 

On the Jack’s Gourmet website, they suggest adding sautéed diced sausage to mashed potatoes and form into patties and fry them. These sausages can also be served as part of a mixed grill plate alongside marinated chicken and juicy tender steak.
Now, where can you get these special Kosher for Passover sausages?

1.Check your local supermarket
2.Order online at
3.For great recipe ideas, and to share some of the ways you have made these sausages, follow @jacksgourmet on twitter and “Like” Jack’s Gourmet on Facebook. 

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post. I did receive samples of the Kosher for Passover sausages in order to write this review. The opinions here are my own.


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