Moms and the City Screening of “Life Happens”

I am so happy to have PrimeTimeParenting contributors like Lauren and Bonnie. They have been able to cover some amazing events for PrimeTimeParenting over the past few weeks. In fact, Moms and the City have had several fantastic events. See what Lauren and Bonnie thought about the Moms and the City screening of the movie, “Life Happens”.
Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of

Moms and the City had a screening of the movie, “Life Happens”. The stars were Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson.

As a single mother raising a child alone, I could totally relate to the main characters experiences of raising a child alone.The interesting contrast to me is that Kim, the single mom, lives with two single room mates. One of them is a sexy young woman just looking to have a fun. The other room mate is a proud virgin. Kim, after her baby doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere with her single friends or her mommy married friends in Mommy and Me groups (which is how I often feel as a single mom). Kim struggles to keep her identity and dreams alive while raising and taking care of a baby. Only to realize, maybe it was too hard to keep all her dreams and maybe her priorities had to shift and that was just “OK” and that’s part of the ebb and flow of life, and you just need to roll with life.

I went to see the movie with my friend Bonnie, another contributor of Prime Time Parenting.I could hear Bonnie laughing hysterically through most of the movie. From my own experience with mommy hood, if you’re not crying, you have to laugh. The movie was poignant, funny, you loved the characters.

Oh and by the way, after the movie the mommy bloggers got to ask the Director of the film, Kat Coiro,a few questions,. That was very cool in itself. And of course, the director said some of the stars trials and tribulations were based on her own life experience, of course. The Director was a WOMAN, in a man’s industry, cool, hip and she has stories to tell the world, which are her own unique and needed contribution to the world.

If you just want to see a fun, unique, true to life story and enjoy several hours of your time for no particular reason, I highly recommend Life Happens.



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