Remembering The Holocaust and Other Genocides

In honor of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Rememberance Day), I wanted to share a link to a flim about a part of the Holocaust many people may not know. This film, Choosing One’s Way: Resistance in Auschwitz, is an exceptional story about Holocaust prisoners at Auschwitz that fought back.

Destruction of Crematorium # 2

Produced by TMK, this is a flim that has survivors sharing stories of survival in the darkest hours of their lives. Hear how they managed to have enough strength to go on.

Auschwitz - Gas Chamber Camp I

The Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois commissioned this haunting and inspiring piece, which is the recipient of two Emmy Awards and a Hugo Award from the International Film Festival for Best Documentary. Choosing is part of the permanent exhibit at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Auschwitz Museum in Poland.

Suitcases - Auschwitz

I also wanted to share some of the incredible black and white watercolors used in this film. The artist, Jordan Krimstein, used his artistic talents to preserve such resistance.

Electric Fence Watercolor

Auschwitz - Toothbrushes

TMK Productions is an independent video production company based just north of Chicago. Founded in 1991, our diverse portfolio includes Emmy-winning PBS documentaries, web based presentations, as well as instructional and educational programs.

The paintings created for this film were donated by the artisit, Jordan Krimstein, to The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS), and independent academic resource institution dedicated to educating all sectors of society about the Holocaust and other genocides.

Auschwitz - Tower and Fence

Auschwitz - Tower and FenceImagine if this is what you woke up to everyday? No family. No security. No food. Just gates locking you away from everything you ever knew. May this type of barbaric treatment of society never happen to anybody ever again!


One thought on “Remembering The Holocaust and Other Genocides

  1. What a wonderful and touching film and the art and the film are both touching with meaning and expression with the art and the film and the photographs.

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