A Night Out with The Moms and Review of Magic/Bird

contributed by Lauren Finkelstein, save1person.org

Who knew Moms could be so popular. At times, it seems as though our lives are just one food spill after another, laundry loads, and sleepless nights. It is nice to know that Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of The Moms can put the glam back in to mom. Who knew? 

This time, The Moms hosted a Broadway event, teaming with Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer and Kids Foot Locker for a night of awareness, fun and dunking your sneakers for support and helping to find a cure for this horrible disease. 

The Moms make it so you can be entertained, mix and mingle with the cast of the show and just really feel like Mommy hood is cool while giving back to the world at large. 

Magic/Bird, was about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and their unexpected friendship that developed over the many years. The play was poignant, funny and entertaining. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys basketball or does not, to take the family out for a night of pure enjoyment, fun and to be taken through the hoops. Get ready for the tip off, if you want to bedazzled by actors showing you the relationship between basketball legends and their journey in the world of sports.


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