and Homewood Suites Host Family Travel Event in NYC

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein, founder,

PrimeTime Parenting sent this blogger out to a very interesting Kidzvuz event complete with the skinny on where to stay, Homewood Suites. This Family Travel Event was hosted at the play space in J & R Jr. Little did I know that there were so many experts for traveling with kids. Let’s hit the road!

The first speaker, Laurie Schacht of The Big Toy Book presented the best travel toys that you can take with you. Laurie discussed the best travel essentials for kids and keep them busy on the road. Some of her essentials included fun back packs, magic tricks and math games. More smooth sailing and less “are we there yet” from the back seat. Laurie also suggested that a check list with all the kids favorite toys listed. Not one toy that could make this trip easy and fun would be left behind.

Nest up, Heidi Leider, Coast2CoastMom, presented some travel apps made with mom traveling with kids in tow top of mind. Remember the paper maps that never seemed to fold-up just right (ever)? Gone, but not forgotten. In today’s mobile app world, travel apps say directions with style and ease. Need a coffee break or to replenish the gas tank? Wondering where the next Homewood Suites is on your way? There is an app for that. I am not that high tech, but I feel much more informed and up to date after listening to the tricks of the trade from these experienced moms.

Just like the app map, another way to make road trips more entertaining is the entertainment. A representative from stressed how listening to a book while driving is a great way to take to the road. As we all know, finding time to sneak away and sip a tea while reading a novel is pretty much a dream. I’ve never been a big reader myself, and when I found myself renting a car today, and there was a book cd of a motivational speaker in the player, I understood the luxury and pure pampering of listening to audio books to learn, to escape, and to be inspired.

All in all, a great event, and I left a smarter and a much more informed mom ready to take on the challenges of traveling with my kid.

Disclaimer. This was not a paid post. I attended this event for PrimeTimeParenting and the opinions in this post are my own.


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