Madagascar 3 Screening With The Moms and Jada Pinkett Smith

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of

Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy to an afternnon of a lot of fun and laughter. This was had and more at the screening of Madagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted. Sure, this is a kid movie, but it is really good for all ages. This movie will take you on a journey as four lost zoo animals from NYC, stuck in Africa who venture off to Europe trying to find their way home, only to learn their real home is with their fellow circus animals who help them along the way.

“Moms and the City”, really know how to bring back hip to mommy hood by presenting these trendy events to mom bloggers and press.

The “Moms” bought in the one of the stars of the movie, Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith (Men in Black) to talk about the movie and her experience of motherhood. Right from the beginning of the questioning, a blogger in the audience asked Jada about her family’s past and addiction, (Jada’s mother is a former addict). Jada, like a champ, approached the subject with brutal honesty.

Jada told the bloggers & press, that from the time her children were six, she told her kids about addiction and her mother’s trial and tribulations combating this disease. Jada said that when she told her kids the truth about her mother’s addictive past, starting at a young age, it built confidence and trust in their own relationship. Jada believes this brutal honesty builds a foundation of trust for a lifetime with your kids. And I think Jada is wiser beyond her years.

From laughing to crying to having aha moments, the Moms Rock for presenting events that make us laugh and make us cry.


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