Dancing in the Aisles and A Review of the OogieLoves In The Balloon Adventure

 by primetimeparenting.com contributor Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org

PrimeTime Parenting sent this mommy out for a frolicking good time to explore a totally new way to experience a movie with your youngster.

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is a truly, unique movie, one that is truly rated G. I’ve gone to a lot of movies with my young son that says it is for kids and yet, there’s a lot of adult content and I’m quite often surprised about the violence. Even in a movie as simple as the Lion King, my son was trying to mimic the lion scene when the two brother Lions were trying to kill each other. I can assure you this did not go over well in school when my son tried to reinact the scene.

Anyway, this movie was good fun for the whole family for several reasons. It was interactive, singing and dancing along with the lovable characters was encouraged, and kids were allowed to make noise during the movie. In addition, there was repetition to learn new words for children, and the themes of the movies were from children’s lives.

Most of all is it was nice, clean fun for the whole family, and it wasn’t a passive activity going to the movie. This movie is engaging, interactive and a good time for all. Not to mention, a few special celebrity appearances that put a smile on all of our faces.

Thanks Prime Time Parenting for another fun time, while learning about child rearing in this tangled web of parenthood that we have to navigate through successfully to raise healthy and loving children.

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Find out when and where The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure will playing on August 29! 

This was not a paid post, but Lauren was provided tickets to review the movie and compensated for her transportation.


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