Find Yourself In Disney…

Submitted by Audrey Matalon-Rogers

Thanks to Esti (PrimeTimeParent) I found myself at the Disney 2012 Holiday Merchandise Showcase in NYC. After seeing Disney’s new lines I say with confidence that EVERYONE can find themselves in Disney.

I walked into the showcase with my 2 year old curly haired, redhead. Everyone said he looks like one of the triplets in Disney’s Brave . Believe me I didn’t plan this. This is exactly the Magic that is Disney…no matter your age, your culture, your disposition, you can always recognize Yourself somewhere in Disney.

I would have thought being an adult there’d be no need for Disney. But with 2 small babies I find myself enamored with Disney Baby. The cotton quality is tops. It’s so soft -yum. The designs are playful and bright. And they’re well thought out with sleeve cuffs that become mitts for newborns and the grow-an-inch body suit extenders. Perfect for my 3 month old.

We can’t be heros and heroines all the time. Sometimes we want to touch that part of ourselves that’s not so Disney-sweet. And for those times, you have to see Disney’s brand new Villains showcase due out Fall 2012. Villain-hood never looked so wickedly good, inspired by memorable villains such as Cruella DeVille, Ursala, the “evil Queen”, Mother Gothel, Maleficent and Queen of Hearts.

And for those of us who are still princesses, Disney is launching their “Cinderella” collections, also due out fall 2012. This gorgeous new line has sexy, sparkly shoes, purses and collectables.

Ooooo La La …..  See yourself in these!

If you can’t find yourself anywhere within the broad spectrum of Disney…..

There’s always Mars. (Click on image for August 2012 rover landing on Mars)


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