Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix Inspires Best Dinner in Weeks

After a very long, hot summer day in New York, I still had to muster enough energy to prepare dinner for my family. Thanks to my husband, there was nice package of fresh Tilapia fillets sitting in the refrigerator. Would my kids go for this? I just wasn’t convinced that plain fried Tilapia would go over well. I needed to enhance these beautiful displays of fish so that the pallet of a 4 year old would want to eat dinner.

I looked high and low for a way to make them more “kid friendly”. There, on the very top shelf of the spices, I found my “dinsperation”. Just as square as the day it was bought, an unused box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake mix became the star of the show. This would be the perfect coating for the Tilapia!

So, I created a Tilapia Fillet Covered in Potato Pancake Mix! Maybe this has been done before, but I was beyond thrilled with the results. So thrilled that I just had to share it with you here!

This is how I did it!

Tilapia Fillet With Potato Pancake Crust: What You Will Need

Canola Oil (enough to cover the bottom of a frying pan)
Garlic Salt
3 Eggs
1 lb of Tilapia Fillets
1 Box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix

How To Make It

Put canola oil in a pan and heat up enough so small bubbles appear
While oil is heating up, put 1 box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix in a bowl
Add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, mix, and set to the side
Crack 2 eggs (you may need a 3rd) and check each yolk for blood spots
Put all eggs in one bowl and mix
Take 1 piece of Tilapia and dip it into the egg

Once dipped into the egg, put into Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix and cover both sides with it
Add to heated oil
Cook 5-7 on each side (this may vary according the heat source)
Flip onto the other side for 5-7 minutes
Remove from heat source. Ready to serve. I served this with tomatoes, corn, and a side of whole wheat pasta.

This was a big hit! My kids loved it, my husband loved, and I loved it! This was so easy to make and it really tasted delicious. You just never know what a box of Manischewitz products can do. In fact, I just got a list of the newest Manischewitz products available. While a lot of these products are perfect for a Rosh Hashana feast, you don’t have to be Jewish to love them. The All-Natural emphasis on these products is something anybody looking for ways to eat healthier could appreciate.

Some of the new products for the New Year include:

Manischewitz® new Turkey Broth joins the full line of broths which include Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.  These broths are kosher, contain no MSG, and are fat-free.  These All-Natural broths can be used to enhance a number of recipes and are available in 14 oz cans and 32 oz cartons. Suggested retail price for the everyday can is $1.69 and $2.99 for the carton.

Manischewitz® All-Natural Gravies are made from a delicious, home-cooked recipe.  The flavors include new Turkey which joins the three original varieties: Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef.  Not only is it the only all natural, kosher gravy on the market, but its healthy, delicious taste will makes it a pantry staple. Suggested retail price for the gravy is $2.49 for a 12 oz jar.

Jason’s popular line of coating crumbs now include Cornflake Crumbs, another answer to consumer demands for “better-for-you” products. A good source of fiber, the delicious, crunchy coating will revitalize a number of meals and add a contemporary flare to any kosher kitchen. Featured on the back of each can is a delicious recipe to make and share with others. Suggested retail price is $2.99 for the 12 oz can of corn flake crumbs.

Manischewitz Organic Matzos, recognizing the recent Organic craze, has just been pulled out of the oven.  It is a perfect option for those health-conscious consumers!  Available in a 16 oz. box with a SRP of $5.79.

Some other great and tasty new offerings from Manischewitz® for holidays and anytime include:

Manischewitz® Gluten-Free Cake Mixes are great for anyone needing gluten-free options such as those with Celiac Disease, which affects nearly 3 million people. The Gluten-Free mixes come in Yellow and Chocolate, both with a baking tin for convenience, and a delicious chocolate frosting. Available in 15 oz. boxes for a SRP of $4.69.

Guiltless Gourmet Crunches are a new deliciously addictive snack from the Guiltless Gourmet line. These all-natural crunches are bite sized snacks packaged in a re-sealable pouch, and available in three flavors; Toasted Almond Crunch, Roasted Cashew Crunch, and Berries & Cherries Nut Crunch. Available for a SRP of $4.49

Manischewitz® Mediterranean Matzos are full of flavor featuring rosemary, oregano and olive oil. These flavors offer a delicious new option for those looking for matzos with distinct taste that is so good it can be enjoyed at any time of the year! Available in 10 oz. boxes for a SRP of $3.99.

Manischewitz® Mediterranean Gefilte Fish adds a tasty twist that distinguishes it from traditional Gefilte Fish with the flavors of Rosemary, Oregano, and Olive Oil. A jar of the Gefilte fish has a SRP of $5.99 and is available year round.

Not sure how to use these products? Well, you can be creative like me, or just head on over to for additional recipes including entrees, appetizers, sides and more. Best of all, these recipes are so simple to make that they will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

Keep up to date with Manischewitz Company and get the scoop on giveaways and contests! “Like” them on Facebook and follow their updates on Twitter @ManischewitzCo.

Disclaimer: The opinions in the post are my own. I was sent Manischewitz Company products to review and received a sponsorship to the The Niche Mommy conference in New Orleans, LA, from Manischewitz Company.


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