Back-To-School Captain McFinn and Friends Educational Book Series Giveaway

The buzz this week in my house is all about school. New boxes of crayons, paper, folders, sharpened pencils, and washable markers have all been carefully put into a new back pack. Hello Kitty sneakers, headbands, knee socks, and a brand new school uniform jumper is already laid out in anticipation of the first day of school.

These are the signs of a child excited to go to school. Our kids should always feel this excited about going to school. However, all of this anticipation and excitement in a child can be derailed in an instant. It just takes one bully. Are you prepared to help your child in the event that he or she might be the target of the class bully? Are the educators in your school prepared to address the issues of bullying?

Don’t wait until your child comes home crying, or your friend calls to tell you that their child won’t go to school because of the ‘mean kids’. Enter to win (1) complete set of the Captain McFinn and Friends educational book series and (1) for your friend or the educators at your child’s school. Details on how to enter this GIVEAWAY below.

Captain McFinn and Friends, an original, innovative, and educational book series designed to promote kindness and friendship for children ages 4-8.

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully’ is the underlying theme of this book series. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, bullying has become a national epidemic with an estimated 18 million children in the U.S. being bullied each year; negative feelings from being bullied account for 3 million student absences each month. Educators agree it is critical to educate kids about anti-bullying when they are young to discourage this negative trend.

Captain McFinn and Friends was created by Phyllis Cafaro, with inspiration from her grandchildren. In 2006, she began her journey to teach important life lessons to children through fictional stories and music. Her goal is to initiate positive changes in children everywhere. “My ultimate goal with Captain McFinn and Friends is to make the world a better place in which to live, one child (and fish) at a time,” says Phyllis Cafaro, author and founder of the Captain McFinn and Friends series. “Bullying in schools is a major issue nationwide, occurring on a daily basis. No parent, grandparent, or educator wants children to feel unsafe at school, because schools should be a place for learning, fun, and friendship.”

I am Giving Away (2) of these engaging 3 book series, which also include:

  • 1 activity book
  • 1 sing-a-long music CD composed by award-winning songwriter Terry Sampson
  • Educational materials for teachers, parents and the classroom

 It is so easy to win, here is what you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment below about who you would share the Captain McFinn and Friends book series with and why.
  2. TWEET

    Win the #CaptainMcFinn and Friends Educational Book Series, help kids to #beabuddynotabully from @primetimeparent

  3. Go to the Captain McFinn and Friends FACEBOOK PAGE and LIKE them

    For Additional Entries! Please leave a comment that you did the following:

  1. Go check out the Captain McFinn and Friends webpage
  2. SHARE this contest with your friends on FACEBOOK

This GIVEAWAY will end on Monday, September 10, at 12am EST. This contest is open to US Residents only.Disclosure: The opinion in this post are my own. I was sponsored by Captain McFinn and Friends to attend The Niche Mommy Conference, August 23-26.


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