A Sweet New Year With The ‘Cherry Heering’ On Top!

I never knew how important it was for me to marry a man that can cook until I married a man that could cook. He even bakes challah and all of the birthday cakes in the home! With a marathon of Jewish holidays in queue, he has already started to plan out the meals. Yes, a ‘marathon of Jewish holidays’. This coming Sunday evening, September 16 will be Rosh Hashana; 2 night meals and 2 day meals. September 25 is Yom Kippur; 2 night meals. Otober 1 starts the holiday of Sukkot; 8 night meals and 8 lunch meals. See what I mean?

Again, I am very thankful that my husband can cook! This year, we decided to make our meals and the celebration of the Jewish New Year even sweeter with a couple of bottles of Cherry Heering Liqueur and Cherry Heering Coffee Liqueur. You may know this brand from one of those family get togethers when you were a kid, like my husband did. Whether you knew about this brand before, or just learned about it recently (that would be me), here are some new ways to serve it up this Jewish New Year:  

The Perfect Hostess Gift
Your friends will be inspired to either pour it over ice and drink it after a meal (my husband loves this).

A Cherry Heering L’CHAIM
Orange Dessert
Drizzle Cherry Heering over cut, fresh oranges.

Cherry Dessert
Serve your Rosh Hashana guests a shot of Cherry Heering in a cordial glass.

Coffee Brownie Blast
Drizzle Heering Coffee Liqueur over a warm chocolate brownie and serve.

Ice Coffee Cream
Serve up a cup of PAREVE (non-dairy) ice cream and drizzle Heering Coffee Liqueur on top.

Now, doesn’t that sound good? What great ways could you think of to serve Cherry Heering Liqueur or Heering Coffee Liqueur this Rosh Hashana?

About Cherry Heering
Since 1818, HEERING CHERRY LIQUEUR has been a fashion accessory, adding extravagance and civilization to the mix of some of the most legendary cocktails of all time, including the original Singapore Sling.

HEERING CHERRY LIQUEUR contains only natural ingredients including Danish grown cherries. No additives or artificial colouring. Swirl with ice, lean back and chill. Heering Cherry Liqueur is the original “Cherry Brandy” CONTAINS NUTS.

For nearly two centuries, the world famous HEERING CHERRY LIQUEUR has helped to create some of the most legendary cocktails of all time.

Today, HEERING COFFEE LIQUEUR continues the tradition by delivering a rare blend of laidback Caribbean Rum, dark coffee and rich cocoa.

Only natural ingredients, no additives or artificial colouring. Pour it on ice and chill.

For more recipes, got to http://www.heering.com
You can also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Disclosure. The opinions in this post are my own. I was supplied Cherry Heering Liqueur and Coffee Liqueur to review.


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