Finding Yourself Friday: Preparing for the Jewish High Holidays

This past Thursday night, @MamaDramaNy hosted a twitter party all about Rosh Hashana. Within a few minutes, the recipe sharing was epic. Not only that, but the sharing of how we think about these holidays was discussed as well. We may each celebrate these holidays differently, but at the end of the day we all want to have a Good Year! We all want things to get better. This Sunday evening at sundown, the gates of heaven will open up and our prayers will go up to heaven. While we never really know when our prayers will be answered, there is always somebody out there that may be praying for something else too. Our prayers are answered at different times, but they do all go to somebody. I find myself this Friday, in the midst of my kids playing with 3 additional kids (oy, my house) thinking of the joy and seriousness in the days ahead. Why not eat something? That always helps, right?

Even with all of the seriousness, there is tremendous joy and celebration. That can come through in the getting together with friends and family over delicious, symbolic, dishes. I’ve compiled a list of some of the blogs and websites that have some fantastic Rosh Hashana recipes. I know that I missed tons of them, so, If you have some links to share, please include them in the comments below.

Esti’s Rosh Hashana Recipe Recommendations

I just love what Levana Kirschenbaum has to share over at Take one look at her ingredients list and keep those in your pantry this holiday season and beyond. Her recipes are always healthy and made with whole foods!

Other places to find some Rosh Hashana recipes from right from your mobile or your computer:

I just heard of this one today, looks really wonderful and especially nice for #glutenfree families Gluten Free Canteen

Two great women from Atlanta have the latest and greatest trends in Kosher cooking over at

Let us not forget to check out

Some inspiration with zest can be found in this recent article over at

Whether you are celebrating Rosh Hashana, or just a huge fan of dipping apples in honey (have baby wipes near by), from all of the contributors over here at, L’Shana Tova



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