On The Road

Contributed by Audrey Matalon-Rogers www.GiveMeMilk.com

Up’s and down’s, good & bad economies, humble beginnings or humbling moments…we all have different stories, but none of us (social media moms & mompreneurs) who are trying to ‘make it’ are without rocks on our road. In another word, challenges. At the Disney On The Road SMM conference it was great to hear some polished, powerful women (and moms!) tell us how it was “On The Road” to their success. CHALLENGES ARE WHAT MAKE US BETTER

The word passion was sprinkled over the room at the Disney On The Road conference for social media moms September 19, 2012 at Melville Marriot in NY. www.MomSelect.com / www.BSMmedia.com hosted the event opening up the floor for passionate successes such as

Susan Coehlo (HTV’s Surprise Gardener)

Britt Menzies www.StinkyKids.com

Debi Silber www.theMojoCoach.com

who shared candidly what it took for them to “make it”.

Susan Cuehlo told about her past, about her drive to succeed and her passion. When a participant asked Susan for advice about starting a blog and how can she get many readers, her advice was to take the angle she felt most passionate about. Another participant, Maria from www.BiCulturalMama.com chimed in, speaking from the heart; follow the ideas and angles that are most meaningful to you and not only will you feel fulfilled, you will attract the people genuinely interested. I appreciated Maria www.BiCulturalMama.com ‘s generosity and realized that we have so much to learn from each other. PASSION & FROM THE HEART

Even the fact that I’m writing this at midnight is because Esti Berkowitz www.PrimeTimeParenting.com inspired me. Esti honestly asked Britt Menzies www.StinkyKids.com how to work our SM biz while having another job, raising small children and managing a household. Esti, in all her cuteness, talks about falling asleep on the keyboard. Who can’t relate?! …because the only time to write the review is when we should be sleeping! Britt confirmed it’s a challenge. Britt says she doesn’t believe in balance, she believes in juggling. She answers her blackberry even when she’s with her kids, juggling being a mom and creating a business. Also it’s her way of being honest about who she is, realizing she must go beyond old limits. BALANCE vs. JUGGLING

Maria Bailey www.MomSelect.com / www.BSMmedia.com said something similar when telling us about her kids. It seems that her kids, now on their own are emulating Maria’s work ethic and public speaking talent. Maria said unintentionally she’s taught her children (who are young adults) how to succeed by being the model. BEING REAL & GOING BEYOND OLD LIMITS

I walked out of the conference feeling light and thinking about what this morning’s Disney On The Road conference meant in my world; a morning that I had to set up babysitting for, prepare bottles and breakfast and lunch for my 2 year old, worry about how my 2 year old’s rash was and if I should be at the pediatrician’s rather than this conference. And I realized that’s what this conference is all about. Being present in life means we are in action, “on the road”. Our roads are not that different than the roads of Maria Bailey, Susan Coehlo, Britt Menzies and Debi Silber. When we are “on the road” we will be confronted with rocks and twigs and startled by an occasional deer. We must … BALANCE vs. JUGGLING, acknowledging PASSION and OPERATE FROM THE HEART, GO BEYOND LIMITS. We need to stay the course…stay “On The Road”eventually it leads to success.


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