Finding Yourself Friday: I Don’t Have To Own Everything I Love

Contributed by Audrey Matalon-Rogers )


I was shocked to learn the Betsy Johnson chain has recently gone bankrupt. Maybe I should have bought more than 3 dresses and 1 pair of shoes from this talented, unique designer.

Betsy Johnson was the victim of my epiphany that I consider worthy of “finding yourself Friday”.


I got off the R train in NYC and within a few blocks walk I found the stunning, bright and wild window of Betsy Johnson. At that time I didn’t make a habit of shopping at designer’s store because of the $$$ but it didn’t stop me from falling in love with beautiful clothes.


There was 1 dress in the window that I could see myself in. I asked about the price, which was way over what I was accustom to spending. I walked back out to the window. And like a little bird whispering over my shoulder I heard, “Ya know, you don’t have to own everything you love.”

With that I was able to step away from the window.


As I’ve moved in recent years, gotten married, had a baby, had another, I see how much easier my life can be with less things, even if I think I have to have it.

I realize the only things I have to have are growth, health and joy within the relationships I love.


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